hiphop jewelry

In the world of dainty and chic jewelry, there’s also the unique and striking style of hip-hop.

Whenever we see famous rappers and personalities on TV or social media, we’re always blinded by their glittering bling with the unmistakable aesthetic of hip-hop. Recently, the jewelry trends see more and more design influences from the hip-hop scene and we’re certainly a fan of it.

Hip-hop jewelry can be daunting for many, especially when they get used to the feminine side of jewelry design. But don’t worry, because we’ll guide you to the wonderful and flashy world of hip-hop jewelry. Here’s what the best of the best hip-hop jewelry has to offer:

  1. Blue and Yellow Blinged-Out Cocktail Ring

Black and yellow are both staple colors of hip-hop jewelry. But why not mix things up with a blue and yellow combination?

This color palette makes for a great cocktail ring that is blinged out with the most sparkly gems. A blue pavé center with yellow pavé surrounding it is definitely the eye-catcher that you need with hip-hop jewelry.

Since it’s a cocktail ring, you’d normally wear a single piece of statement jewelry. But on the rules of hip-hop fashion —the more, the merrier. So why not start a cocktail ring collection with this blue and yellow gem combination as your first one?

  1. State Diamond Pendant

One thing that you should know about hip-hop jewelry is that repping your origin at every chance that you get is absolutely welcomed.

So what better way to do so than have your state-shaped pendant decked out in gold? State-cut jewelry is incredibly popular in the United States. The irregular yet recognizable cut is highly fashionable in the hip-hop scene and a must for all fashion enthusiasts.

Bring this up to the next level by hooking the pendant into a large, chunky necklace of the same shade. Even if you wear the plainest outfit, this will certainly keep your look icy and fresh!

  1. Oversized Rope Figaro Chain

It’s not surprising that hip-hop jewelry is full of oversized chain necklaces. This type of jewelry is pretty versatile that anyone, regardless of gender, could wear it. Surprisingly, it also matches most hip-hop fashion aesthetics that an oversized chain necklace is already considered a staple of hip-hop jewelry.

Arm your jewelry collection with the best of the best by getting yourself an oversized rope Figaro chain. This necklace sits low at length directly until your waistline, maximizing the design look. The unique build of the Figaro chain also adds another layer to the aesthetic.

A Figaro chain refers to a design where the chain links are not uniform. The pattern is two to three short links connected and then separated by a longer chain. We highly recommend getting a diamond-cut Figaro chain so your jewelry will sparkle whenever it catches the light.

  1. Silver Shamballa-Inspired Bracelet

The hip-hop scene can only be described as cultures within a culture. A lot of the fashion and jewelry are embedded with many cultural references that people can relate to and appreciate.

An example of this is the Shamballa bracelet. Think of it as hip-hop’s version of charm jewelry. Shamballa is a Buddhist concept that symbolizes enlightenment, peace, and perfection. Shamballa bracelets were originally used as a meditation guide the way Catholics use the rosary.

The hip-hop world adopted the meaning and aesthetic of the Shamballa bracelet. Now, the black band with silver beads is popular as a bracelet option.

  1. Large Cross Pendant

Following the religious theme, hip-hop jewelry has a penchant for crosses that may or may not be an allude to its religious connotations.

For some, it’s just something that looks interesting and catches everyone’s eye. But for others, it’s also a representation of what they’ve been through in life. Regardless of how you take it, a blinged-out cross will definitely put the “hip” in hip-hop.

Large crosses go great with semi-thin chains to emphasize the pendant more. A popular style that many are particular to is getting a barbed wire chain with an oversized cross pendant. It’s up to you to fully lean into the look but you can’t deny that this will definitely earn some double-takes.

  1. Bedazzled Skull Ring

Another statement ring, this bedazzled skull ring will definitely add character to your style.

Stick with the classic silver embellishments with a gold base ring for a more striking look or keep it as minimal as statement rings go with an all-polished black silver. This skull ring is perfect to wear as it is or have it as part of a set with other statement rings —since it’s hip-hop, why not go for the latter?

  1. Solid Black Stud Earrings

While hip-hop jewelry is as loud as it gets when it comes to necklaces, bracelets, and rings, the same doesn’t usually apply to earrings.

Since you’re already wearing heavy, oversized jewelry on other parts of the body, many hip-hop jewelry enthusiasts just stick to a solid black stud for earrings. This is a popular earring choice for men in hip-hop because the simplicity of a matte black earring adds to the whole edgy look. Plus if you take it easy on your earrings, then you have quite a room to go crazy on your other jewelry pieces.

  1. Two-Toned Hoop Earrings

For ladies, the classic hoop earrings are a popular choice for hip-hop jewelry.

Of course, we’re not talking about the cute ear huggers —hip-hop likes its jewelry to be bold and big as much as possible. So why not go with the largest pair of two-toned hoop earrings that you could get your hands on?

The thickness is up to your facial structure and style. If you’re opting for an extra-large one that your earrings could almost brush your shoulder, then go for a thinner hoop and vice versa. To offset the bulkiness of hoop earrings, choose a two-toned variation of gold and silver. This color can easily match your other jewelry pieces so you’re not restricted to wearing either gold or silver.