There are many ways that students with an aptitude for sports like Mack Prioleau can benefit from attending a private school.  While many schools in the public system are being forced to scale back their sports programs due to budgetary challenges, private schools are able to maintain robust sports programs that allow their students to develop their bodies as well as their minds.  Regardless of whether your child intends to pursue sports at the varsity level, there are many other excellent opportunities that your child has in the private system.

Challenging academic programs

It is of course possible to find a top-notch academic program in the public school system.  However, these may be harder to find than in the private system.  This is because private schools are able to attract the top educators, and to invest in cutting edge educational technology.  In terms of their curricula, private schools tend to place a higher importance on maths and languages, and many offer the International Baccalaureate program which allows their students to compete on an even footing with students from all around the world and to gain admission to the best universities across the globe.

Controlled Class Sizes

Contributing to the ability of private schools to achieve academic excellence is their ability to keep class sizes small.  This means that teachers have more time to spend one on one with students.  It also means that they can more easily identify students who need additional support, and also to undertake remedial work.  Students who are excelling and those who are struggling can all have their needs met more easily in a smaller classroom setting.  Additionally, teachers are less likely to “burn out” as a result of an unreasonable teaching burden, which allows them time to renew course materials and to stay energized.


While entire classrooms can be repeatedly disrupted by students in a public school, teachers in the private system have more resources at their disposal to deal with such students and to maintain a productive learning environment for the class.  This is because private schools tend to have more resources available to support disruptive students, who may be struggling with learning disabilities, emotional issues or substance abuse.  When supporting these students is no longer an option, private schools have the ability to remove students from the school rather than allow them to disrupt the learning of other students.

Special Needs or Curricula

Because private schools tend to have more resources to support different learning styles or needs, private schools may be an excellent option for students with ADHD, dyslexia or learning disabilities that may keep them from succeeding in the public system. Private schools are also able to offer specialized curricula that are not permitted in the public system, for example by integrating religion into a child’s education.

As you can see, there are many advantages that your child can enjoy as a result of attendance at a private school.