Anabol, an oral drug has been in the bodybuilding market for many decades. Its long existence gives the drug a good reputation. That’s why it has been suggested for performance enhancement and weight gain during the training session.

The famous anabolic androgenic supplement Dianabol is otherwise called with its brand name Anabol. This drug was introduced over several years ago. In the current scenario, the British Dispensary Ltd, Thailand is being the top manufacturer of the brand Anabol. As Anabol has the ability to stimulate protein synthesis, the effect of weight gain is perceived by the users.

How does Anabol work?

The key function of Anabol is the promotion of anabolism such as muscle and tissue building while decreasing or preventing catabolism, otherwise called as the destruction of tissues, cells, and fibers in the muscles.

Anabol is a proven drug for adding mass during the first week of usage itself. As it enhances the body’s protein production, one can expect a weight gain up to five pounds each week. Mostly Anabol is taken in the morning before work out and most of the users report that they feel a mild pumping after using Anabol. The increased protein makes the bones stronger and keeps the muscles rigid. Even though the drug helps to strengthen the users, D-Anabol steroid side effects are inevitable.

The benefits of Anabol

Anabolic steroids provide incredible benefits. Particularly, the D-Anabol is greatly used as stack with other steroids so that the users can be benefited with the expected results soon. People who would like to bridge between cycles mostly prefer Anabol. It can effectively be done by taking low doses of Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone to boost the cycles.

Is Anabol usage safe?

Since Anabol is a powerful AAS, before stacking with other steroids, the user should consider the side effects. Still the user can keep him safe from the odd effects by taking recommended dose. At higher doses of Anabol, one can encounter many side effects. The normal and recommended Anabol dose is 25-50 mg. If the user takes more than 70 mg of Anabol, he/she might experience unbearable headaches and back pumps. The users who used Anabol reported that 25 mg of Anabol is quite sufficient to achieve their target. When the user combines Anabol with another steroid such as Testosterone Enanthate, all the side effects will be offset. So, the experienced users use such kind of stacking. 

The side effects of Anabol

The restless usage of the drug leads to many dangerous effects. We will see the D-Anabol steroid side effects below:

Aggressive activity: The aggression is caused by increased testosterone and DHT levels.

Renal damage: As the substance of the drug gives strain to the kidneys, renal damage is caused. If the user has any renal complaints, he/she should consult the doctor before proceeding with the AAS.

Suppressed Testosterone level: As other AAS, Anabol also lowers the production of Testosterone. After using the drug, if the user follows with PCT, then the chances of suppression is reduced.

Liver damage: Anabol is toxic to liver. Though the toxicity is mild with lower doses, the user should carefully monitor the condition of the liver.