All the Mac users know that all the Apple products come with the in-built QuickTime Player. But, they also know that this player has a number of limitations. There are certain features that this app does not have, and features that generally restrict the viewing and handling of the videos that the users are watching. Elmedia player helps in removing many of the issues that the inbuilt player has. Elmedia Player guarantees a perfectly smooth HD experience. When the limitations of the player are removed, Elmedia provides a great viewing and handling experience to the Mac users.

Review of Elmedia

There are many things about Elmedia that have been studied. Given below are a few things that the users should know about.

  • The Layout: The interface of Elmedia Player is almost similar to the interface of iTunes. This makes the Mac users not only comfortable but also confident to use this software. It is also true that at times they may start feeling like they are using iTunes only. If we speak aesthetically, then Elmedia Player looks a lot like one of the older versions of the iTunes app.
  • The Functions: The users are capable of creating smart and personal playlists in the Elmedia Player. With the help of this, they can organize the video library in a proper manner. This, in turn, would allow the users to find the videos easily. This feature is generally not available for the various other players that are available. One important feature that Elmedia Player does not have is the meta tagging option. Users can also play the screenshot videos on Mac with the help of this amazing player.
  • Downloading Videos: Users can easily download the videos from the leading platforms like YouTube with the help of the Elmedia Player. The only thing that has to be done is choosing the format and the resolution. Then the MP3 sounds have to be extracted with the help of the simple clicks. Generally, the file format options may vary because it is dependent on the sites from where the users have chosen to download the videos. One of the best features is that users can either download everything or they can download just a small part of a video. Also, users can transfer the files with the help of AirPlay to the other Mac devices.