As display prices come down, many businesses that normally would stay away from using digital signage have found that using displays to appeal to customers is a pretty cost-effective way of enhancing their image and their business operations.

They key for most managers has been to understand how to apply a digital signage strategy that will create the best returns. Here are some considerations that can help you to make the right decisions as you unroll your digital signage strategy:

Get the right type of display:

It may sound basic, but there are differences in the types of displays that are sold through retailers. If you are planning for an indoor presentation, you should be able to use almost any type of display. If you are using your display outdoors, you will want to look at sites like to help make the best decisions when it comes to features. One of the reasons is that they have done a lot of specialized research that allows you understand the requirements that you need to set when you look for outdoor displays.

Indoor menu systems are a growing trend:

If you would like digital signage included indoors as part of a menu or service selection, you are looking at the right time. A higher minimum wage in many cities has made it more cost-effective for many businesses to augment their offerings by using tablets or touch screen displays. Having a touch screen display at each table in a restaurant, for example, can allow the customer to get even better service than they would get when they had a server because they can order directly without having to worry about flagging someone down in a busy restaurant.

Advertising becomes an option:

Once you get your signage installed, you can advantage of advertising systems that give you the option of sharing your displays with non-competing businesses in exchange for extending your own ads locally or regionally

An ERP can extend your signage:

Another advantage of having digital signage in your business is that you can incorporate it throughout your firm and tie it to a open source ERP that will allow you to connect all of your business departments together seamlessly. Even your warehouse can participate. Many firms have started putting displays that contain pick list instructions in forklifts so that drivers can follow the instructions to fill an order as expeditiously as possible.

Of course, in addition to the warehouse, your retail locations can make strong use of your ERP through digital signage for marketing campaigns, sales, coupons, and menu changes. One of the nicest features of using an ERP with a menu system is that you will always know your inventory situation. ERP systems are setup so that they reflect sales and all materials that were used in creating the product all the way back to manufacturing. Once your firm is setup to use an ERP properly, will save a considerable amount of time.

Choosing to add digital signage is a pretty popular decision among companies that have public customers. Ensuring that you are maximizing your options by taking advantage of expert assistance, ERPs, and advertising can extend the benefits of digital signage to the extent that it likely will provide your firm with the ROI that it requires to justify the decision.