Mirrors are a lifesaver in ways which are often forgotten by car owners. Hence, they do not think twice about deliberately putting installing a new rear view mirror if the old one is damaged or worn out in anyway. However, driving around without a proper rear view mirror can be as dangerous as driving around without car doors. Granted that none of the passengers might fall out due to a cracked mirror, but their lives will be in just as much danger. So, never mind the fact that a rear view mirror is probably one of the smaller auto parts of the car. It plays an equally important role in ensuring the safety of the car and its passengers. Hence, it is essential that the car maintains all its mirrors in top notch condition, be it the rear view mirror or the side view mirrors.

Types Of Car Mirror

Side view mirrors, on the other hand, are of two types. The vital one is the one on the side of the driver, because it lets him/her view the approaching vehicles or obstacles directly behind his car. The lesser, but nevertheless, important mirror is the one on the side of the passenger seat beside the driver. It increases the convenience of the driver during times of heavy traffic. It also comes in handy when the vehicle is backing into a garage or the driveway since it needs to be ensured that the car does not end up striking any concrete on either side. Hence, the importance of car mirrors should never be underestimated.

While side mirrors are often damaged due to a collision or simply grazing up against another vehicle, on either side, the rear view mirror is not easily damaged. The only way the rear view mirror of a car can be scratched or shattered is if the windshield is impacted, which only happens during a serious accident. More often than not, a rear view mirror becomes foggy or rusty with age, reducing the visibility of the mirror. And needless to say, a mirror with low visibility has a decreased functionality, which should immediately be replaced by a new one. Hence, car owners should not wait for their car mirrors to get destroyed in a crash to consider changing it.

Functions Of Car Mirrors

Apart from keeping track on the vehicles fast approaching behind you when you are on the driver’s seat, mirrors in a car also serve several other functions. It also lets you communicate with the vehicles coming up behind you. For example, if all your car windows are up and are soundproof, there is a good chance that you will miss the honking coming from the vehicle at your rear end, which is trying to grab your attention. A glance at the rear view mirror will let you know that the vehicle behind you wants you to give it a little space so that it can make a left or right turn. You will know by its blinking indicator lights. Similarly, you will know to shift to an alternate lane in order to do your civic duty, if there is an ambulance directly behind you.

There is also a type of rear view mirror that serves an additional function. It is called the auto dimming mirror, which basically cuts back on the glare coming from headlights of the vehicles reflected on the mirror. As it often happens, the headlights of the vehicles following your car might be so bright that the rear view mirror actually ends up blinding you instead of being your eyes. Light coming in from the headlights of other vehicles gets magnified by this mirror and the glare affects your vision. This can be really dangerous for the driver, especially on highways or high speed roads since he/she is not only unable to see what is behind them but also what is right in front of them. The auto dimming mirror senses bright lights and moderates it in a way that prevents them from hurting your eyes.

Best Car Manufacturers To buy Mirrors

Whatever your mirror type, each is unique in its own way and are indispensible. Now that it has been established that a car cannot do without these mirrors, it should also be apparent that the mirrors need to be replaced as soon as they are damaged in any way. If you are worried about the cost of these replacement car parts, you can visit Parts Avatar Car Parts, where you can get car mirrors and other aftermarket car parts at reasonable rates. Some of the mirrors available here are:

  • Front Door Mirror
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Another thing that one needs to keep in mind is to buy the car mirrors from nothing but authentic car manufacturers. There are a ton of car parts producers in the market out to dupe novice buyers. People looking to save a buck or two often get ripped off by these duplicate auto parts dealers who are in the business of selling low quality products for outrageous discounts. However, the products in question rarely live up to expectations and soon the car owner finds himself buying the same car part yet again after just a few short months. Hence, it’s always advisable to buy car mirrors from only verified car manufacturers.

In this regard, it is safe to trust Parts Avatar Canada because none but genuine manufacturers are allowed to sell their products here. Amongst the car manufacturers which specialize in car mirrors are Dorman, CR Laurence, Curt, Sherman, Smitty Bilt, Rugged Ridge, TYC and Cipa. So you can easily browse through the various options and choose the one which suit you the most.