curly haircuts

Curly hair was always too difficult to keep up with, that is why wearing proper hairstyle can save you from thousands of different problems, connected to styling and maintaining. However, finding the one haircut can appear to be a difficult task. No matter whether you are looking for short haircut or willing to have little bit more length, here you will find a whole bunch of inspiration. Our professionals at the best barber shop in Midtown, East, offer you three unexpected and handsome at the same time, haircuts every curly haired man should try this summer.

Curly undercut

The combination of long, voluminous, curly top and short cut sides and back will create an amazing play on contrasts. It will make you stand out of the crowd, even if you are on a New York fashion show. Such type of undercut has one more interesting advantage: it makes your face look slimmer, stretching it with the help of major volume on the top. Moreover , curly undercut is very simple in styling. You just have to blow dry it, lifting top layers, and then apply a small amount of a pomade. For better texture, run with your fingers through hair.

Wavy side part

This hairstyle is more about wavy locks, than tight and curly manes. You should also have a pretty thick hair structure in order to embrace similar look. Sitting at your barber`s chair, ask for shorter sides and long top. To save your time in the morning and ease everyday routine, let your hair air dry naturally and then add a small amount of hair wax for better hold. Creating a perfect side part will be much simpler if you use a small comb to divide your locks.

Curly bob

If you always lacked confidence, such hairstyle will help you to fight this problem. It will make you look more manful, daring and determine. All you have to do is to highlight natural texture and keep locks separated with the help of special oil or serum. Shape your mane every three-five weeks and avoid split ends to appear.

Choose one of this hairstyle and be proud of your natural beauty.