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It is not a secret that every century, every decade and every single year has its own popular hairstyling trends. Good hairstyle defines men, makes him look cool and stylish. But how should we differentiate which haircuts are really timeless and which one  will sink into oblivion very soon? Well, let’s turn around and look back to the XX century in search for truly gorgeous men cuts that will never go out of fashion. These hairstyles bring the pure essence of each decade they perform. If you want to dive into the history of men hairstyling to find inspiration for building your own career or to find some interesting ideas to bring them to life, our specialists from the best hair salon New York are here for you. Check out these striking past century haircuts for men.

Daring 1990s and Flat – Top Fade

Do you remember those times? Hip-hop and rap music were heard from all over you. Cool, bold guys conquer the world, wearing flat – top fade hairstyle. It turned to be a symbol of the whole decade and hip-hop industry in peculiarity. Such hairstyle works perfectly on kinky afro hair with thick structure. And remember: the higher the top – the better.

Shaggy 1980s and Long Textured Hair

1980s is a wonderful time to draw an inspiration from because hair fashion of those time is pretty much similar to modern one. Long or medium men hair with teased texture and short bristle is a top look for both decades. If you want to steal this image, you should start growing up your hair right now.

Tidy 1970s and French Crop  

If you are not a fan of pretty annoying long morning hair routine, you would love French Crop. Neat lines, small fringe and tapered sides – here are key elements of one of the most popular hairstyles of 1970s. Adding a little bit texture makes this well-known cut look quite differently.

Now you know what men haircuts was popular in last century and can make up your mind what hairstyles will be in trend in future. Develop your own style and stand out of the crowd of gray mass