There are several benefits to using a conveyor chain including ease of transportation, efficient use of energy, and improving the movement of items from place to place; however, there are several different types of conveyors that people can choose from. Selecting the right conveyor chain is the first step toward a more efficient business.

The Monorail Manual Conveyor Chain

This is one of the most common types of conveyors on the market and also one of the simplest. This is a good idea for people who need to move light loads quickly from place to place. It has a high maximum speed and can increase efficiency. Because they are small, they also help businesses save space. Because they are machines, they still require some maintenance; however, this is less maintenance than most other options require. The only downside is that they can’t handle heavy loads. For businesses that deal with heavy loads of cargo, it may be better to select a different option.

The Floor Conveyor Chain

The floor conveyor chain is a better option for heavy equipment because it rests on the floor, meaning that it can handle heavier loads. This is ideal for places such as processing centers or assembly lines where the final item is going to be large. Because it rests on the floor, people have easy access to the items on the conveyor if modifications or alterations are required. The downside to this conveyor system is that it doesn’t tend to operate at a high rate of speed. Because it is subjected to heavy loads, it is also prone to breaking. To prevent this from happening, people should make sure they keep up with the maintenance schedule of the conveyor system. This will ensure it runs efficiently in the long run.

Power Conveyors

These are advanced conveyor systems that use several tracks to increase their ease of use and options for applications. Controllers can change the direction the tracks run and direct items between different conveyors to ensure that items arrive in the correct location without any hassle. The downside to this conveyor system is that it is large and takes up space. It also requires a large amount of maintenance to maintain its various parts to extend its efficiency and longevity. For large factories that are shifting many different types of items across the building on a regular basis, this type of conveyor system might be worth the investment.

These are only a few of the many options for conveyor systems on the market. Anyone looking to make this investment should do their research and ensure that they select the proper item moving forward. It will have impacts on the company.