India during the last decade had gradually evolved itself as a much popular medical destination. This is because of the available medical facilities spread across the country at competitive costs. India hosts specialized doctors from all across the globe. Thus had been a much- loved destination for the tourists who come down regularly for availing medical facilities. India has also been known for excellent hospitality towards patients and thus the country had been branded one of the finest medical tourism destinations of the globe.

India has become one of the most favored medical tourism destinations: Why and how?

Medical tourists across the world when surveyed had expressed their interest in India as a destination they’d love to visit. Most of the global tourists have rated India as a best tourism destination due to the availability of a large number of factors. One of the prime reasons for choosing India is availability of top-class doctors/surgeons, who can cater to the needs of the patients. Besides, the country is known for state-of-the art hospitality and budgeted hotels.  Above all, the costs of various kinds of treatments in India are within budgets.

hair transplantation

Why is Hair transplantation Services becoming Popular in India?

Hair Transplantation is becoming one of the most popular treatment services India. This is due to an increasing demand for such services especially amongst young-aged adults. India population off lately had started to suffer from excessive loss of hair. This can be triggered through various reasons. However, excessive loss of hair might give rise to temporary or permanent baldness. Therefore, most of the services related to hair transplantation have started to gain popularity. Cost of hair transplantation in India is pretty less. If you compare the costs required for hair transplantation in other countries such as USA or Europe, costs in India would be one-third in comparison to the same. Another major advantage is that cost of infrastructure or manpower is much less in India when compared to other countries.

Major Hubs for Hair transplantation:

Hair transplantation services are available in most of the major metros speared across India. Popular services include FUT, FUE and PRP, depending on the needs and requirements of the patients. Hair Transplant in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, and Pune are supposed to be the most popular.

If you are planning to come on a medical tour to India especially for Hair Transplant surgery, please make sure that you know the details of services. Please request for a free online consultation from our team of expert surgeons.  In order to know more stay logged on to our website regularly.

Details of Hair Transplantation process:

Hair transplantation is a surgically invasive process, which allows hair follicles to be extracted from one portion of the scalp to the other. The first area from where healthy hair follicles are being extracted is known as the donor area. The area of the scalp on which transplantation happens, is known as the recipient area. There are various techniques of hair transplantation. Commonly used technologies include the following:

  1. Follicular Unit Extraction ( FUE)
  2. Follicular Unit Transplantation
  3. Plasma Rich therapy

For all purposes however, the patient should be well equipped and should have a clear knowledge on the nittigritties of the process followed. In order to implement the process, the patient must choose a good clinic which hosts specialists related to the hair transplant process. Please note that such services are absolutely customized and are made to fit the requirements of patients.  Major advantages are that surgeons in India are all internationally qualified. That is the major reason why India has become the attraction for Medical Tourists from all parts of the world.