4th of July is America’s Independence Day which is not only being celebrated in America but also in many other countries all around the world including Australia. Usually, the 4th of July party has been arranged by American communities in Australia in which people of all colors and nations are welcome. The 4th of July party is not much different than Australia day party. There are fireworks, dinner, BBQ with friends, music, dance and much more.

Any type of party is incomplete without decorations that match the theme of the party. So, to make your Fourth of July party more exciting and also to show your love for America, you should purchase (or DIY!) some 4th of July party decorations which will bring a new life to your party. Usually, people think that having a big American flag at the entrance and small flags on the dinner table is enough but in reality, there are so many options available to make the party as exciting, fun, and lively as any other type of event.

If you are planning to invite your friends and family over at your house and are looking for some awesome party tips, be sure to read this article till the end because I will be sharing some awesome party ideas which will make your 4th of July party more fun — for all ages of including kids!

Choose a perfect 4th July background:

Forget to use the American flag as background as it’s not usually available in big sizes to cover the whole wall. Instead of this, use readymade 4th of July background which comes in different options. You can get a simple background with an American flag or choose a background which has famous landmarks of America. You can also make your own background with the help of American pennant banners, stars, and even some small American flags.

4th of July balloon –  yes, they exist!

Many people don’t know but 4th of July balloons do exist. Instead of using red and blue birthday balloon it is a better idea to use 4th July party balloons which come up with different graphics. They usually have a flag on it, stars and even some 4th of July greeting. You can use these balloons around the table or even make the background more interesting by incorporating some balloons in it.

American & 4th of July Tableware:

This includes many things from table covers to lunch plates. You can make every inch of your party decoration patriotic simply by purchasing tableware which matches the rest of the theme of the party. In the market, almost all tableware is available with the American theme.

Wear American-inspired costumes:

Once you are done with the party decorations, the next step is to decorate yourself with American themed fancy dress or costumes. You can do it in two ways: wear a complete American themed fancy dress including shoes and hat or simply have a patriotic top hat. There are many choices available including a flag bandana, air force cap, Napoleon style cap, turkey hat, afro wig, a hat with American stars and stripes and much more. You can also choose to purchase novelty glasses, Captain America masks, and mask of political figures etc.