Closed-circuit Television is a particular setup of cameras used to transmit video data to a particular place on some limited number of monitors whereas Broadcast Televisions are transmitted openly. This setup is present mainly in places which need surveillance like banks, airports, railway stations, hotels, schools, shopping malls and nowadays also in our homes.

A government cannot employ such a huge numbers of cops to be in the right spot at any time of the day, the job of a CCTV setup is to reduce the workload of cops. But it needs a strategic angle of thinking to set up a particular CCTV camera in a particular spot. Installing the cameras anywhere would not help. It has got the name as “closed circuit cameras” because the data made by the cameras runs through private coaxial cables or wirelessly to a particular control room to be monitored by a small group of people.

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Some uses of CCTV systems

  • Like for example, in industrial plants CCTV setup is needed, where the environment is not friendly to humans, to keep a watch on the process from a central control room.
  • Many highways and traffic networks are now supervised by CCTV setups to find the exact locations of congestion and accident.
  • CCTV systems are present in subway trains to help the operator to check if the doors are clear to close before moving again.
  • CCTV systems are also installed in stadiums to help the fans view the match even when they are away from their seats.
  • Organizations use CCTV systems to get the details of every activity of the employees. Actions are kept as blocks to explain the particular operation when they are making financial transactions of the company.
  • Nowadays CCTV systems are widely used in the educational institutions or schools to prevent bullying or to keep the record if there’s a crime involved.

Top reasons for installing a CCTV at home

  • It can stop the intruder outside by waking you with a sudden alert tone and with the image of the person.
  • Waking you up on time stops the intruders to do any further damage to your property.
  • To keep a video footage of a bad incident caused by your bad neighbor.
  • To get high-quality images of crimes and suspects happened around your property.
  • It can also be used for very small things like to keep a watch on pets and children.