Once you get your first taste of the boating, you’ll most likely be addicted. It’s a relaxing activity to enjoy alone but getting on the boat is even more fun with friends. If you love it enough to get out in the water often, it’s worth investing in your own boat. Before making plans to purchase your first top selling pontoon, get familiar with a few things.

Differences in the Types of Boats

Even if you’ve fallen in love with a certain style, explore them all before deciding. Just like with car shopping, each boat will have different features that you’ll enjoy or benefit from. Take some time to think about the activities you want to enjoy, the look you want your bait to have, and how you want it to operate.

The most popular are pontoon boats and deck boats. Deck boats have a sporty look, while pontoons have a luxury design with plenty of vinyl seating and storage space. Deck boats do well with turning and can handle maximum speeds without bowrise. Pontoons use less horsepower and boost sharp turns with the built in hydraulic steering system.

Both boat styles are ideal for doing a wide variety of activities like fishing and camping. You can also buy customized add-ons for specific watersports. Storage space in pontoon boats make them a great choice for family trips or entertaining guest. These are things to think about before buying.

How Much Will a Boat Cost?

Cost is the second most important factor when buying a boat. Have an idea of the average price for the boat you want. You can get a new boat for as low as $250 monthly. Used boats may cost less, but require more long-term maintenance. Of course, prices will also vary by the type of boat, but most top selling pontoon boats cost around $35,000.

Keep in mind though, the price of the boat is not your actual upfront cost. You still need to factor in insurance, license fees, and maintenance. Financing a new boat may also add interest to your selling price. The good news is interest is tax deductible in some cases.

Learn How to Care for Your New Boat Before Buying

If you’re making the investment in boating, you’ll want your property to last a while. The best way preserve your boat is by learning how to properly care for it. Wash the boat often to minimize wear and tear over time. Saltwater and barnacles can cause deterioration, so using correct products is critical.

Use boat specific cleaning products to clean the boat deck and hull. Use other protective measure like wax coatings and boat covers. Beyond protecting the boat’s body, you must also get oil changes and regular internal maintenance to keep it intact.

Having a boat of your own is just as much responsibility as it is fun. If you prepare before buying, you’ll transition into your new tasks with ease. Do your homework to decide what you want, know the financial impact, and take care of your new boat.