Every one of us wants to roam freely and see the world by walking on our own feet but life does not always play fair. That rheumatoid arthritis that you have or the accident that you had last summer which changed your life drastically and made walking so painful for you is the real villain. But you cannot allow those annoyances to spoil all the fun and keep you chained to the bed; thus what you need is a walking aid, you need a walker.

But finding the perfect walker over the internet is tougher than finding the chicken nuggets in Walmart. Hence, we have decided to shortlist the best walkers for you. Your knees may not support you all the time but these walkers will never let your mobility to fade away. Want to see which ones are the best for you? Scroll down to find out:

  • 3 Wheel Aluminium Rollator Winnie Lite Supreme:

This one tops the list of our best walkers since it is very easy to use and highly convenient. The main USP for the walker is that it comes with a standard sized carry pouch which will help you to put all your stuff inside it and roll on. Shopping in the departmental stores can be very painful while you are using an aid for walking but the pouch that comes with 3-wheel aluminum Rollator Winnie Lite Supreme will allow you to put all your shopped items into it and roam around freely. Moreover, this walker is equipped with three 7.5 inch caster wheels which are perfect for indoor as well as outdoor use. Thus, kick away all the uncertainties and make your way through everything with the 3-wheel aluminum Rollator Winnie Lite.

  • Euro Style 4 Wheel Nitro Rollator:

Walking with the help of a walker can be pretty embarrassing for all of us but all that embarrassments are about to end as we present to you the Euro Style 4 Wheel Nitro Rollator. This euro styled walker is the epitome of style and it will help you to walk once again along with all other walking Homo sapiens. The four wheels add extra stability to the walker and allow it to move conveniently on all kinds of surfaces. Moreover, the front caster wheels are 10 inches in their circumference which aids in steering it without any problem. There are also breaks embedded into this stylish walker which will allow you to stop suddenly to hear out what your spouse is trying to tell you. Get your hands on the Euro Style 4 Wheel Nitro Rollator and move around everywhere in style.

  • Evolution Walker (Arm Trough System):

Using the traditional walker handles can be tough sometimes and it tends to discourage you from walking all over again, thus to get that problem solved we present to you the Evolution Walker which comes with the arm trough system and makes the walking fun again. The Evolution walker offers you a stable platform which enables to you stay upright while rolling around with it. The walker is also equipped with a 5 point custom fitting which promises to help you to fit in it irrespective of your size. The handle of the Evolution Walker can also be changed to make it convenient for you. Thus, no matter how you want to use it, the evolution walker will never prove to be a disappointment for you.

  • Evolution Walker (Piper Series):

The walkers of the paper series from Evolution are one of the best walkers that you can avail. Moving around with crutches or in a wheelchair can prove to be an embarrassment, hence the walkers of the piper series. The walkers of the piper series can be availed in four different sizes, so you will always be able to find the perfect one for you. These walkers are lightweight, stable and highly durable, thus move around in it anywhere you want, and it will never disappoint you. The piper series Evolution walkers have one hand fold system which makes it easy for you or your caretaker to handle it easily. The next time anyone refuses you to take you for a walk, just get on your Piper series walker and start rolling without waiting for someone else to do it for you.

  • Knee walker:

Walking with an injured foot or knee can be very painful; sometimes you will consider chopping your legs off to get relieve from the unbearable pain of walking. But the painful days are over as the Knee walkers will help you to again roam freely without having to agonise your injured foot or knee. The Knee Walkers are known for their excellent support as well a safety; thus move around like a boss with the knee walker without hurting yourself any further.

  • Airgo Folding Walker with a paddle release:

The folding walkers are the best since they are very convenient to use and they are designed aesthetically to meet all your requirements. The Airgo folding walkers are very lightweight, so you will never feel that you are using any walking aid for moving here and there. Moreover, the paddle release helps to fold the walker easily without having to move your hands off the handles. Get yourself an Airgo Folding Walker with Paddle release and keep moving with your life by scaring off all the incapability.

Living without your spouse can still be easy but the pain of living immobile is something that cannot be fathomed. Get your hands on any of these walkers and show all your inefficiencies who are the boss.