RV Trip: Food Packing Tips

So you’re off on your vacation. You decided to spend your vacation camping on the road with your family using an RV. Going off on an RV adventure is a something everyone should experience at least.

Like any other vacation, it is important to prepare the things you’ll need when you go off away from your home. Since the RV is kinda like a house, you’ll have all the necessary equipment with you. The main problem for most of RV beginners is how to cook and store food when travelling in an RV. This is pretty hard since most of the time, you’ll be moving along with the vehicle. For tips on how to cook or pack food inside an RV, check out the list below.

1. Pack the Food in Plastic Containers

The RV is in constant motion most of the time. The last thing you’ll need on an RV trip is to sweep off the shards of a broken glass or plate because you’re hungry. When going on a trip, make sure to pack up plastic containers and reusable tumblers for your food and drinks. At least if you’re using plastic containers, it’s easier to use.

2. Put the Fridge to Good Use

Most RV vehicles contain refrigerators to store easily perishable foods during long trips. When going on an RV trip, make sure to have all your food to last for a long time inside the fridge. Avoid bringing easily perishable goods like raw meat, yogurt, and milk.

Foods like canned goods, fruits, bread, crackers, and marshmallows are good to bring along on an RV trip (you might want to store fruits inside the fridge). If you can’t avoid bringing along easily perishable food, make sure to bring along a cooler and lots of ice to keep it from spoiling.

3. Tie up Your Food

Since the RV is constantly moving, it’s common to have falling objects on the floor. Whenever the road gets bumpy, it is a guarantee to have falling objects. This could prove annoying and dangerous to the people inside the RV. To avoid injuries, make sure to tie up everything that you think will fall during the trip. To avoid spoilage of food on the floor, pack them in a secured container properly. Use baskets and cartons to secure your food to avoid them spilling all over your floor.

4. Avoid Cooking Complicated Meals

All RVs have a kitchen. With kitchen comes cooking. Since the RV is an extension of your home on the road, it’s common to think about what to cook for your family or friends even when you’re on the road. In an RV trip, it’s best to avoid cooking complicated dishes. The reason for is that preparing these meals are inefficient inside the RV. It takes a lot of time to prepare them as well as a lot of ingredients need to be packed beforehand.  So either bring them along cooked or not at all.

5. Make Room for Local Delicacies

For every vacation, it is important to gather enough souvenirs from your trip. It helps preserve the memories you experienced during your trip. It’s important to keep this in mind when you go travelling.Some local delicacies might be good that you opt to bring some home. You can bring them home using some of the plastic containers from your food. That way, not only will you be helping yourself, you’ll also help save the environment by reusing plastic containers.

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