Riding bikes come up with so many challenges even the best women’s comfort bikes have to face these challenges. Riding up with these challenges is immensely rewarding. If you are a rider then your first priority will be riding a bicycle safely and properly. While you are riding down your bike during the season of autumn then you must keep some points in mind to ride safely. The points that are to be kept in mind are as follows:

  1. Layer it up

The temperatures readings can be fluctuating when you are there to go for a ride. In mornings the temperature can be between 47 to 48F but in the afternoon the temperature can fluctuate it can be lowered than the morning temperature. The best way to combat these temperatures is we can wear multiple layers so that they can easily be removed out to find your perfect temperature. You must make sure that the last thing you are going to wear will be the first thing that you should take off to maintain the perfect temperature that is to be needed by you.

  1. Beware of wet leaf piles.

The falling leaves look gorgeous and beautiful when you watch them while riding but they are hazardous as much as look beautiful. Some of the leaves are wet and crunchy. If a pile of wet leaves comes in front of you while you are riding it can make you fall down from your bike and you can also suffer from so many injuries. Even if a leaf gets struck into your tire or anything else it can make your bike slip and then also you will suffer from injuries. This is why a person should be aware of wet leaves while riding.

  1. Stay visible

While riding at dusk you must make sure that you are visible to others while riding to prevent collision of yours with other vehicles. You must make sure that you have worn dark neon colors clothes while you are riding at the dusk time so that you are easily visible to the other persons who are riding their vehicle. You must wear reflecting clothing also that will also help you in being visible while riding. Both men and womens bikes can be attached with lights to prevent collisions with other vehicles. Visibility is must if you are riding down at night time.

  1. You must check your tire pressures and tires.

As you know while riding leaves can store so many things that can puncture your tire so to prevent these puncturing of tires you must check your tires occasionally. This should not be done at the time of autumn season only. Checking of tires should be done always before going to a ride.

  1. The usual tools

While going for a ride you must make sure that you are carrying all the usual tools that can be used to repair a bicycle because anything can happen while riding a bicycle. So you just need some of the tools that will help you out in repairing up your bicycle.