Every girl dreams about long and healthy hair. Unfortunately, our life is full of stresses, harmful chemicals, and hair care mistakes; for this reason, growing out a long hair appears to be almost impossible. However, what should you do, if the dream of Rapunzel’s locks doesn’t leave you alone? Well, our professionals at Midtown Hair Salon NYC know the answer. Read our article, and you will find here top three tips for those, who want to have long hair.

Tip #1. Consider the products you use

When it comes to growing out a long hair, shampoos, conditioners, masks, and serums are really matter. Don’t be afraid to use a whole spectrum of hair care products, if you really want to see the result. Of course, you will be forced to spend a lot of money to get all you need, but who counts coins when we speak about making a dream come true?

Tip #2. Don’t go hard

Try to stay away from extreme hair treating products. All possible volumizers, texturizers, dry shampoos, clays, and so on are not the best company if you are chasing for healthy and beautiful locks.  Heat styling tools fall into the same category, by the way. 

Tip #3. Still need a cut

Don’t forget about regular trims. No matter how strong you are willing to have a long mane; split, and damaged ends are to be cut off.

Visit our Midtown Hair Salon NYC and we will help you to take the best out of your strands.