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Have you ever wondered how to beautify your wedding hairstyle further? These five pieces of advice may help you!


This fun accessory can make your wedding hairstyle a little more festive and interesting. Choose gold or silver glitter for a more sophisticated look, or choose a colorful option to look trendy and stylish. For this particular trick, you are going to need hair gel. Apply it generously to the roots of your hair and sprinkle some glitter on it. You can mix the glitter with gel for a more dense application. It will look exceptionally nice with slicked back hair. This way you can use glitter roots as a hairband-ish type of an accessory.


Popular last summer, flower crowns are still the most beautiful hair accessories ever created. Choose white, tan, or bright colored flower crowns to adorn your hair. You can combine this crown with an elaborate braid or leave your hair down and give it some volume by slightly curling it into big soft waves.


Pastel Pink, Lavender, Silver, Denim Blue, Rose Gold, Pink Copper, or Oil Slick – all of these colors will look exceptionally beautiful even on your wedding day. Bright unnatural hair color is one of the hottest trends of 2016. Some of the darkest colors can help you to achieve an original underappreciated on wedding days edgy look. Curl your hair or tie it into a sophisticated updo, either way, you will stand out with this radiant splash of color.


Try out a half updo with braids and ribbons woven into it. Soft white silk ribbons will make you look elegant and delicate. Tie ribbons into pretty bows and add some pearls to make them look even more festive. You can combine this trick with previous two and add colorful ribbons to your equally colorful hair. This way you can either choose the contrasting colors, or those looking the best with your particular hair color.


Bridal tiaras have been popular for decades and will probably stay popular for years. Some girls want to feel like princesses on their special day. And what way is better than choosing a tiara? A delicate neat tiara with tasteful embellishments can add some fairytale-ness to your wedding image.

Try our some of these tips to both look and feel stylish and fashionable on your special day. Choose one or combine several of them to create a unique hairstyle mirroring your personality, or you can do this in hair salons in new york !