Some consumers wonder what is xDrive BMW technology and why manufacturers seem to be pushing it these days. xDrive is an all-wheel drive system that reportedly maintains safety and stability without compromising speed. This technology also provides traction support regardless of highway or city road conditions.

The Progression of xDrive Usage

BMW has made popular the use of xDrive from the early 2000s to the present. This technology showed up in various models of 2 through 7 Series models, and some of the most recent include the 2 Series xDrive vehicles.

The New York Times contributor Tom Voelk test drove one of the latest xDrives — the 2016 BMW 750i. While documenting his test drive experience, he mentions the 445 horsepower and deep torque. He also points out the existence of the all-wheel drive and rear-wheel steering. In addition, he says that this car can hit 0-60 miles per hour in just 4.3 seconds.

xDrive in Action

The BMW xDrive all-wheel-drive feature is intended for permanently monitoring individual wheel speeds. This functionality is active all the time, but it kicks in when detecting potential danger on the road. For instance, xDrive ensures that drivers can safely drive over unevenly layered snow or sporadic patches of ice. The xDrive technology also provides support for safer travel over gravel, sand, and other rough surfaces.

Utilizing what is known as BMW xDrive also provides the best possible traction based on typical driving data. In fact, using a driver’s past maneuvering records can make turning around a curve easier. They can drive faster around bends without over or under steering and prevent accidents without braking. All situations that require quick reaction times are documented with xDrive. Thus, overall road safety is improved.

Aside from safety, the xDrive feature also provides an additional benefit. That is, drivers often feel freer to travel at faster speeds and experience more of the power of the BMW they own. The all-wheel-drive functionality is part of what adds some practicality to owning a sports luxury vehicle. At the same time, BMW owners still can race and compete in situations where both safety and speed matter.

xDrive Fuel Economy

Although the fuel economy could be improved in some models of BMWs, the xDrive is said to also help drivers consume less gas. One of the models that has the xDrive feature that takes drivers more miles the past few years is the 2014 328d xDrive Sports Wagon at 31 city and 43 highway MPG.

The only downside according to some consumers, however, is that this 328d runs on diesel. At the same time, it could help users spend less on gas. After all, this diesel vehicle offers more than 10 MPG in the city than the 750i or other BMW models.