Of all the rights of women, the greatest is to be a mother. After all, motherhood brings a lot of changes in a woman’s life. It makes the woman feel complete and on top of the world.

But, nowadays most women delay pregnancy due to aspiring career opportunities and change in lifestyle. This is the main reason why there are increasing complications during pregnancy. The major reasons also include work pressure and delayed childbirth.

Expenses related to Motherhood

Getting pregnant might be easy. But the responsibilities and expenses related to motherhood are overwhelming. Expenses start from day one when you come to know you are expecting and it really never ends. If you do not have a financial back-up or are not prepared for a child, the expenses would actually push you into trouble.

Therefore, the best solution to be financially backed-up is by opting for a maternity insurance.

Expectations from a Maternity Health Insurance Plan

Health Insurance plans cover medical expenses and also provide a variety of benefits. If you arelooking for a women-centric health insurance plan, it is utmost important for you to include maternity insurance in your health plan. This would cover the cost of delivery, labor and that of normal delivery. You should expect the below mentioned things from a Maternity Insurance Plan:

  • Pre & Post Hospitalization expenses

Pre-hospitalization includes the expenses incurred before you are hospitalized. Post hospitalization includes expenses incurred like child birth and post-delivery expenses.

  • Vaccination Cover

There are certain vaccination for the new born that are made mandatory by the medical department. Such vaccinations are expensive and therefore cannot be skipped. A good maternity insurance should include the vaccination cover. Most of the insurers offer this for one year, however are extendable for up to 12 years in most policies.

  • Pre & Post Natal Expenses

This covers the doctor’s consultation fees, cost of childcare and medications costs.

  • Inpatient hospitalization & delivery charges

The entire hospitalization expenses incurred for delivery are included under this coverage.

  • New born coverage

Certain maternity insurance plans offer health coverage for new born. This includes expenses related to infants if diagnosed with critical illness or congenital disorder.

Watch Out for the Exclusions in a Maternity Health Insurance

To reap the maximum benefits of a maternity insurance, it is important to ensure thorough understanding of what is not included in a plan. Mentioned below expenses that are not included in a maternity insurance:

  • Medical termination of pregnancy under 12 weeks.
  • Any non-allopathic costs, congenital diseases, medicine costs, consultation fees, regular doctor’s check-up, dental treatments etc.
  • In-vitro fertilization and any expenses related to infertility expenses.

Though these are the fixed exclusions that any insurer would not cover, women would urge them to have it covered. This is because, medical treatments are expensive and so is raising a child. The above exclusions are an expensive affair and bearing them would snatch away your joyful decision of parenthood.

When Is the Right Time to Seek Maternity Health Insurance?

It is ideal to opt for a maternity insurance before you plan motherhood. There are chances of denial by certain insurers if you opt for one when are already pregnant. Reason being insurers consider this case as pre-existing. Usually, the waiting period for maternity policies are 3 to 4 years before you start benefitting out of the plan. So, it is better you have a proper planning to reap the benefits of a maternity insurance plan.

So, to enjoy this blissful stage of maternity in your life, welcome it with a broad smile and a tight hug. Leave away the stress and buy a maternity insurance.