Whether you’re preparing an offer on your future dream home or making a routine commercial real estate transaction, it pays to perform a land survey. Just like a home inspection, a land survey helps you perform your due diligence regarding listing information. Find out why a professional survey is essential and how a Bosch laser level can help achieve accurate measurements.

Find Property Lines

A land survey helps you establish the true property lines. This task is typically performed by a professional surveyor, but you can perform it for yourself if you’re experienced using surveying tools. The main goal of this is to verify that the listing information is correct and that you know exactly where the property starts and ends.

Surveying the property lines can also uncover any easement or right-of-way issues. If a neighbor has a structure or driveway on the land, be sure the easement is in writing and you understand the terms of the agreement. An easement doesn’t have to be a deal breaker, but it can become complicated if the agreement isn’t in writing.

Confirm Property Dimensions

A homeowner may believe they know the size of their property, but it’s up to you as the buyer to confirm the dimensions. A Bosch laser level and the legal description of the property can help you verify the true dimensions of your new real estate asset.

You can use a metal detector to find buried survey pins placed as property markers, but these pins aren’t legally binding. They may have been moved over time, so it’s best to consult the legal description of the property or the local building department for accurate property boundary points.

Plan for Construction Projects

If you’re going to build an addition, new home or commercial structure on a property, then you need to be sure it falls fully in your property lines. Proposing to build a structure not fully on your property lines could prevent your project from becoming approved and delay the entire process.

Encroaching on your neighbor’s property while breaking ground could also create legal issues. The last thing you want to do is get involved in a legal battle for damages on property that you believed was your own. A survey helps you move forward legally by keeping your proposed structure or property improvement fully within your lines.

Qualify for Financing

You may need to perform a land survey to satisfy your financing requirements. Depending on the type of financing you’re using to purchase real estate and the company you’re working with, you may need a professional survey before the company agrees to disburse the required amount. This protects the company from paying for real estate that isn’t the size the seller believed it was.

Find the Right Tools for a Land Survey

Whether you’re a professional surveyor or looking to learn more about the process, it’s important to understand the correct tools for the job. Shop for surveying equipment, like a Bosch laser level or locator device, today at Engineer Supply to enjoy low prices on name-brand equipment.