If you are required by your state to carry FR-44 Insurance, it’s because you’ve likely committed a serious driving violation or been charged with a DUI. FR-44 policies can be a life-changing inconvenience for drivers, but may also be a necessary part of recovery and reinstatement of your full driving privileges.

According to reports from MADD, the NHTSA, and the National Transportation Safety Board over the last 20 years, 50-75 percent of drunk drivers are repeat offenders. Persistent drunk drivers account for 65{6713ba23e05232a925818888182dfaeb6662fdf7c105b8bc21967aa35cf30fda} of all drunk driving related accidents. This has triggered many states to enact tougher laws to reduce the numbers. Insurance companies such as State Farm car insurance must follow these laws to provide insurance companies to drunk driving offenders.

FR-44 Quick Facts

If you are charged with a DUI and are court ordered to obtain FR-44 Insurance, it’s important to understand every detail of the mandate and follow it correctly. Failure to follow the court order in its entirety could result in even stiffer penalties. Although regulations vary from state to state there are similarities: These include:

  • You will not be able to reinstate your driver’s license until all requirements of the FR-44 stipulation are met.
  • Your Insurance will be increased to compensate for any possible repeat offenses that could result in property damage or injuries and fatalities. In some states, the maximum amount of insurance a company offers is required. Other states may only require the minimum amount you need to cover all likely scenarios.
  • FR-44 Insurance policies must be paid in full for the term of the policy. For instance, if your insurance policy is a 6-month term, you may be required to pay the full six months. Full payment of each term may be necessary for up to three years.
  • The FR-44 form must be updated and submitted to the state by the insurance carrier after each policy renewal. The update confirms that you have the proper amount of insurance necessary to satisfy the state mandate.
  • Failure to meet any of the requirements can result in a suspension or revocation of your license. Reinstatement of the license could incur substantial penalties and fees.
  • You may choose any insurance carrier you wish, such as State Farm. Keep in mind, however, any carrier you go with must follow the state requirements in providing you with sufficient amount of insurance.

 Think Before You Drink

Before you drink and drive, consider all the consequences. Besides the life-threatening danger you place on yourself and others, the financial toll caused by a significant increase in your insurance can be devastating.

If you have any questions about FR-44 forms and the effect they have on your State Farm car insurance, please contact your local agent. We can go over all the details of your policy what it will look like under an FR-44 mandate.