Who does not want to avoid anabolic steroids completely? And who would not like to yield the benefits that steroids give to the health enthusiasts?

Here are some excellent suggestions for steroid-like health supplements for you!

Bulking Steroids and You

Androgenic anabolic steroids are legal in countries like the United States! However, they are legal only after doctors prescribe it. Nevertheless, that does not stop many hundreds of sportsmen taking them. After all, they are a superb choice for strength enhancement. In fact, some of the who’s who of the athletic arena is known to have them, as well. Some of the most prominent names in this regard include Jose Conseco, Barry Bond, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lance Armstrong, Hulk Hogan and Ben Johnson

The Darker Side

Now that almost all of the big names in the sports world seem to have them, you too might be tempted to have them, as well. However, remind yourself that only a few athletes have acknowledged taking them. The sports arena seem to rife with professionals who take steroids. Sometimes, they order these weight lifting supplements from unauthorized sources. Furthermore, there are many of them who use them injudiciously. This often leads to dangerous consequences. Sometimes, authorities also take disciplinary actions against them. Dee Gordon from Miami, for example, was suspended for last year for performance enhancer abuse.

The Ray of Hope

However, in the U.S, steroids have been linked to a lot of side effects. It is generally called as the “loid rage”. No wonder that it has suffered a gray reputation among the public. Despite the recognized fact, it is widely used in non-professional and professional sports. However, to keep them at a safe side, athletes tend to look for the closest steroids possible. The over-the-counter steroids are easily available online. Plus, they can be a lawful alternative to anabolic steroids. And the supplements come in the forms of herbs, minerals, vitamin, amino acids and the like. Most of such supplements are devised to enhance testosterone secretion. Testosterone, as you might have known, is a hormone secreted in your body. Its primary function is to increase and improve male features. They include strength and muscle growth.

How Far It Helps

Let us face it! The effects of legal weight lifting supplements might not be as fast and strong as that of the anabolic steroids. But they can be truly effective for a beginner-level athlete. In fact, they can also help to gain strength before you start a rigorous work-out regime. You can see a number of distributors selling hundreds of products. However, very few of them seem to work for all. Make sure that you check the online forums and go through online and offline reviews to zero in on the right product for you.

Remember that different vitamin and mineral supplements help in their own ways. For example, vitamin D and zinc help in boosting testosterones both in men and women. When your body slackens down in secreting testosterone after you cross your 20’s, you suffer from less strength and worsened metabolism. Zinc makes up for the mineral deficiency that decreases testosterone secretion. Also, vitamin D helps in better calcium absorption. This, in turn, makes your bones stronger. Similarly, several other vitamins and minerals help you in their own ways.