Mac computers aren’t very compatible with device from other brands. That is why so many Meizu device users who own Mac computers get so frustrated. Transferring or even syncing data can become a tedious and time-consuming project when working with a Meizu and Mac.

To make the process easier and to save you time, SyncMate, Meizu suite for Mac, can take care of the things that frustrate you the most when trying to sync and transfer information between these two devices.

Here are some of the capabilities SyncMate offers:

Contact And Calendar Syncing

Present-day technology has done a great deal in helping us preserve information on our friends, family, and loved ones. If you’ve been storing important contact information on you Mac but need to access it on your Meizu device, don’t spend hours manually entering the information, let SyncMate sync it for you.

Media And Folder File Transfering

If you want to jam out to your favorite tunes (that are currently being stored on your Mac), use SyncMate to transfer it to your Meizu device. You can also transfer things like video and picture files if you’d like to edit them on your Mac, and folder files!

This feature comes with the expert edition of SyncMate.

Syncing Data In Seconds

SyncMate can be programmed to automatically sync data from your Meizu device to your Mac or vice versa. You can choose personal preferences on how your data will be synced when you first use the tool. It will work that way, unless you change the settings, each time your devices are connected.

This is perfect for people who want to spend their off time doing what they love instead of sitting in front of their Mac transferring files manually or through third-party apps like Dropbox and One Drive. Ditch the need for these apps and consolidate by using SyncMate for your file syncing needs.

Mounting Your Meizu Device As A Mac Disk

Whenever you take photos or store files on your Meizu device, you probably want to be able to review them when you connect it to your Mac. Because of the Mac’s design, it isn’t too compatible with phones that aren’t made by Apple. In order to bypass this, you can use SyncMate.

SyncMate will allow you to mount your Meizu device as a Mac disk. This makes you capable of clicking on the device and exploring its contents through the Finder window.

Other Amazing Capabilities

SyncMate goes above and beyond other syncing tools by allowing the user to also send text messages through their Mac, manage text messages, view and export call history logs, and even back up data!

Download Syncmate Free Today!

Does SyncMate sound like the tool you need to transfer and sync files between your Meizu and Mac devices? If so, click the link below to download SyncMate, a Meizu suite for Mac, for free today and never worry about losing your information again!