Hedge trimming has become a lost art in the world of landscaping.  For example, many people are not aware that he get trimming should be done during spring.  A few hedge variations may be able to with stand low temperatures during the winter,  but most will most leave new cuts vulner able to cold air and frost.  Let’s take a close look at three simple tips on the art of hedge trimming.

The Ideal Time to Trim Your Hedges

You should fine-trim your hedges during the spring or the summer.  Snip out growth during the growing cycle will prompt growth. It is also imperative to mention that your hedges will bran chup wards. If necessary,  you can do a major trim during the middle of the summer and another one at the end of summer.


It is important for you to take precautions when it comes to selecting your tools. Investing your hard-earned money in cheep tools will not produce positive results. Cheap tools are notorious for losing their edge fast. It is also worth mentioning that a dull blade can damage your hedges.


  • Hedgeclippers – these clippers (with serrated blade) are perfect for heavier branches.
  • Handprunersorsecateurs – should be used for detailed work.
  • Pruning loppers – are wonderful thandling large and thick branches.
  • Electricalhedgetrimmers – double-sided should be used for shaping and single-sided should be used for the straight sections of the hedge.

How to Trim

Trimming your hedges is not as difficult as you may believe. Using strings as guidelines can help you get an even and beautiful shape. The first step begins with you eliminating the large branches sticking out. Aftergettingridofyour “main offenders”, it’s time for you to concentrate online pruning.

Please keep in mind that the sides of your hedges should be wider the base. This makes it easier for the exposed leaves to get direct sunlight. Your hedge should resemble a ceramic vase turned upside-down.

What should you get rid of? Concentrate on cutting long branches in the middle if you’re aiming for re-growth. If you’re simply “fine-tuning”, focus on evenness, shape, and thinning out. Make certain you start at the top and work your way down. It is also vital for you to understand that fertilizing the hedge will give it energy and stimulation for more growth.

Following the three tips above can help you trim your hedges with ease. It is also worth mentioning that you must be ready to invest sweat equity to get beautiful and healthy edges.