Sometimes the thought of landing one of the best dental jobs can seem so far away that you may not think it will even become a reality. Sure, it’s tough out there at the moment. I’m certainly not denying that. But, there are ways you can improve your chances of improving your employment prospects. So, let’s get started!

Have you been “fired”?

Don’t worry if you have heard that horrible, confidence shattering word. It happens to the best of us, and for some it can be the shot in the arm they need to go and pursue that dream job. To begin with, find that ideal job opening. It may not be absolutely perfect, but this can be used as a stepping stone to improve your chances of progressing to the level you see yourself at. If you manage to get an interview, spend a few hours researching the dental practice on the internet. I guarantee that such preparation will pay off! It will show your interviewer that you have taken a real interest and are keen to work there. If you know the name of your interviewer, turn to LinkedIn and research their history. Sure, it may seem a bit “stalkerish”, but the more you know, the more ammo you have when you complete the interview.

An example of this working was when I was applying for a dental job in Florida. During my pre-interview research, I found out that the dentist who was to be interviewing me was in the “Hall of Fame” for his middle school at football. I shoehorned that in to the interview, and he was like putty in my hands after that and I got the job!

Do you look professional?

Before heading off to the interview, make sure you are looking sharp. Wear a suit, shave, apply asplash of aftershave and you will feel a million dollars. Oh, and make sure you wear a watch for the interview and make sure you are not late. Yeah, its basic, but if you are late, it will create a terrible first impression which will be difficult to recover from. Make sure you are there outside at least 15 minutes before your interview time. It will give you time to take a few deep breaths, sort your hair and have a drink of water. If you are going to be late, phone ahead. Don’t just turn up late without anyone knowing!

First Impressions Count

When meeting for the first time, give a firm hand shake and look at them direct in the eye. Create a rapport right away. Do some small talk prior to the interview starting to relax yourself and the interviewer.

Oh, and make sure you smile! Any negativity the interviewer spots will be a real kick in the teeth (no pun intended) to your chances of landing the job. I hope these tips will help and you manage to land that dream job! To find any local job openings, check out