Nurses are a vital and fundamental part of any hospital staff. They provide patients with dignified care and assist doctors with their procedures. As such, it is essential that patients be able to contact with their nurses and for nurses to be able to monitor a patient’s care. Fortunately, technology now allows many hospitals and healthcare facilities to connect patients and nurses through the use of a nurse call system. Unfortunately, in many hospitals today, their nurse call systems are outdated and underperforming.

Is It Time To Update Your Hospital’s Nurse Call System?

When most people think of a nurse call system, they probably think of a button that they can press which alerts a nurse that they require assistance. From a professional standpoint, nurse call systems are supposed to help nurses better care for their patients, however, many in the field disagree that the systems in place are as efficient as they could be. Many nurses are frustrated by the inability to communicate directly with their patient, or to know why the patient is paging them. Because of the one way and vague nature of the communication between patient and nurse with older nurse call systems, nurses often find these systems to compound their work and make it more difficult to serve their patients. In addition to that, a lot of the earlier nurse call systems had to be hardwired through the patients’ rooms and nurses stations, which could be inconvenient for installation and maintenance.

If this is the case with the nurse call system in your hospital, it may be time to think about upgrading. Modern systems come equipped with the features and functions that nurses desperately need in order to provide patients with the highest levels of care. Things like two way communication, both between patient and nurse as well as between doctor and nurse, and integration with other patient monitoring systems. Another important upgrade feature is that many systems today are scalable, which means it’s easy to grow to accommodate any demand. That’s because most systems today are wireless, allowing for easy installation, maintenance and future upgrades. Most importantly, these systems can often track and help hospitals document the exact nature and specific care provided to patients, allowing nurses to keep detailed records easily and reliably.

The nurse call system is one of the most important tools currently used in hospitals. Keeping these systems updated helps nurses provide the best possible care for their patients.