Rolex is not just a watch brand for collectors; it is considered a global synonym for quality and style. As dramatic as that may seem, it’s not an exaggeration. According to Google data, Rolex is consistently listed among the top luxury brands globally and is the most trawled watchmaker.

The Submariner is the most desirable Rolex model among those searches. The Submariner is to watch what Bugatti Veyron is a too exotic car. What is it about this Rolex Submarine date watch that elicits such universal adoration? In many ways, the Submariner symbolizes what Rolex stands for accuracy, utility, and exclusive design.

History Of Rolex Submariner

  • It was launched in 1954 and was the first watch in the market to offer water resistance upto 100m.
  • It has a diving bezel with 60-minute rotating timing.
  • It was James Bond’s first wristwatch.
  • You can buy a Submariner in date as well as no-date formats.

Why So Popular?

Exclusive Design over TimeOwing to minor dial design changes, some of the most desirable vintage Submariner watches, such as the ref. 1680 ‘Red Sub’ is also highly valued. Even minor changes on the dial may spike the price of one Submariner over another, adding to the thrill for collectors. Because of all these changes on an otherwise constant and classic design, the Rolex submarine date watch is now one of the most sought-after watches in the world. The Submariner now has a 300-meter water resistance rating and has novelties like a nearly durable Cerachrom bezel and a versatile Glidelock band.

The Rolex Submariner’s Legacy Brings Value

The Rolex Submariner’s rich history is one of its most appealing features. This watch has left its imprint on the globe over the years, undergoing significant alterations that have influenced its value and elevated it to the status of a precious timepiece and a superb Rolex to purchase.

The Submariner was the best selection for Bond in the movies. We’re still gushing at Sean Connery wearing one in his James Bond film from 1962 all these years later. The Submariner’s legend was established at that time, and it would go on and after. Submariner also appeared in several Bond films throughout the years.

It’s An Investment

You could get a Rolex Submarine date watch for roughly $150 when it was initially debuted, and that is reasonably affordable by today’s standards for a fine Swiss watch.

The Bottom Line

However, as the Rolex submarine date watch became more famous (and iconic), the price climbed but pre-owned and vintage versions have also gained value, making the Submariner an outstanding Rolex to purchase.