Painting a home or office is one of the toughest tasks you will be assigned this holiday season. Though painting a property seems a good idea to be prepared for Thanksgiving and Christmas, when you actually start the process, you will realize that you need help.

One of the matters in which you will need help is to select what kind of paint you need to buy and for what purpose. No matter which of the hardware stores you visit, you will be provided with many types of paints and asked to pick one or two that meet your needs.

A good idea in such a situation would be to remember that there are two key types of paints, solvent based and water based. Solvent-based paints make use of mineral spirit while latex and acrylic paints make use of water as a key binder. Solvent-based paints are riskier to spill as they can’t be disposed of easily and you need to follow certain regulations while disposing them. There are two more main categories of paint, base coats and finish coats. If all this seems too overwhelming to you, you can seek help of experts like New Castle Painting BC to help you make the right decision.

What are Base Coats?

The base coats in any painting project is called a primer. It needs to be used on an uncoated or bare surface to ensure that a flat, smooth and uniform surface is created for the next coat. If you are going to get the exteriors painted, you should make sure that all paint flakes are removed and there is no peeling paint clinging to the surface. If you are doing an interior project, you should realize that most interior paints are a combination of primer and first coat.

What are Finish Coats?

There are many types of finish coats, flat, eggshell, gloss, and satin. Flat coats are latex based and are used for ceilings and siding. These are usually resistant to water damage. Though many painting experts use flat finishes just for interior painting needs, some also use specifically available exterior flat finish paints for exterior needs that are available in smooth or coarse textures.

Eggshell finish is mainly used for interior wood surfaces but it can be also used for exterior painting needs. This finish is considered to be more durable than flat finish and it’s easily recognizable by its slight sheen that appears when the paint dries completely.

Gloss and satin are considered even more durable than eggshell finish and are meant for metal and wooden surfaces. Both these options are available as water based or solvent based. Only one coat of gloss or satin is required once you are done with primer and first coat as they are quite hard wearing. The best part about these options is that they can be used for interior as well as exterior painting projects without the need of buying specific versions of the paint.

The Best Option for You

The best option for a property owner is to seek advice from the experts who are doing the painting. You must ensure that there is a primer, a first coat, and the final coat to make a painting project successful. You also need to consider the level and amount of exposure an area will get. For instance, if you are painting an exterior wall, it will need more layers of paint to fight off the seasonal changes like rain, snow, sunlight, etc. and other factors like pollution, dust, etc.

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