Pearls are considered to be the sign of royalty and fame. They are indeed a timeless beauty that is affordable as well. Their beauty, their sparkle, and their mystique can doubtlessly catch the attention of anyone! They are indeed ideal accessories for almost every occasion.

While it is true that diamonds have their own place in the world of jewellery, most of the people these days choose pearls over diamonds for many reasons. Their love for pearls has been constantly increasing over time and over ages!

 However, few people know right ways to put on pearl jewellery. Wearing pearl jewellery in right way can help you look fashionable and sophisticated. In this age, pearls have become the most favourite among girls and women of all age groups.

No piece of jewellery is as effective and economical than those shining pearls! The appearance of pearls being vintage and simple makes them the best accessories to don during night parties, at office, and even while running daily errands!

Women in India as well as across the world have shown their love for this gem in one way or other. Who can refrain from loving pearl accessories? Gone are the days when it was believed that only grandmothers wore pearl studs and strands.

So now that pearls are making a great comeback, why don’t we find some awesome ways to style them with the best Indian wear? Let us look at some awesome ways to accessorize them with the ethnic attire and to create your own style statement!

Styling pearl necklace in traditional way

Pearl necklaces are bound to offer stunning looks especially when worn with the traditional Indian wear. Just imagine yourself wearing shining sea pearls stringed with uncut diamonds, emeralds, and gold with bridal wear, doesn’t it feel just awesome?

Pearls are considered to be classic, so pairing it with other valuable stones form jewellery will make you look elegant in almost all the occasions. Just make sure to wear the perfect pearl necklace that best blends to your Indian Saree and you are sure to rock!

Wearing other pearl jewellery in ethnic way

When it comes to pearl earrings, there are simple as well as double sided earrings that look awesome with traditional patialas and kurta. The pearl jewellery designs with gold for ears are generally in form of jhumkas and chand balis.

The jhumkas with the pearls look gorgeous with temple saree, handloom sarees, as well as floor length anarkalis. Moreover, pearl rings can add more glamorous look especially when worn with royal saree gowns, mono coloured shararas, and bridal wear.

Coming to pearl pendants, they look classic with Indian formal wear like crisp cotton sarees, chudidars, and kurta-leggings. In fact, you can add some more stylish look with complementing it with pearl necklace. This look can even make you look elegant at office!

The above are some of the most fantastic ways to style those pearls effectively and effortlessy with the best ethnic Indian wear. Just follow the above rules and look royal and gorgeous than ever!