Small business has been taking over larger businesses. Every person who has an interest in building a brand and business has started their own small business. A few have started to produce shirts (รับผลิตเสื้อเชิ้ต, which is the term in Thai), while a few other have started raw materials for shirts. All small businesses might receive too many orders at the start. But if you are consistent with your content and ideas, then orders, reach and profits are guaranteed. So, here are a few small business ideas that you can start right away with a small investment.

Small Business Ideas


Accessory businesses can be started at a low cost. There are two ways to start your business. You can sell hats from a hat factory (เสื้อ Jacket, term in Thai), chains from resellers. So, the first way to sell accessories is reselling. Buying products from a seller and reselling them at a profit price is called reselling. Or if you think you have the time and creativity to create accessories with your hands, then you can even start making accessories by just purchasing raw material. Hairbands, hair clips, hats, chains, earrings, nose pins are a few accessories that can be bought or prepared at a low cost.

Body Products

Everybody who cares about their body and skin searches for organic products that don’t cause any harm to the body. If you know the products, their advantages, and their adverse effects, try creating your skincare brand. Make sure you are doing proper research before starting it. As these are products that will show an effect on the human skin, ensure if they are safe to use. You might have to get a license to produce and sell these kinds of products. But if you properly produce them then orders and success are for sure.

Decorative Items

Some people love to decorate their homes attractively. If you are very creative at decorating homes then you can start your decorating brand. Either you can produce, prepare decorative items with your hands and sell them or you can buy a few decorative items from the seller and resell them for a profit. You can even present your ideas by decorating your own home.

So, these are a few small business ideas that you can start right away. All you need is consistency, creativity, patience, and a bit of investment.