Silver Oak Cellars have long been known as top Californian producers of their lone varietal, Silver Oak Cabernet Sauvignon. Started in Napa Valley in 1972, Silver Oak has remained true to its original mission: produce only one varietal, age it in American oak, and enjoy! With cellars both in Napa Valley, and now their new location in Alexander Valley, Silver Oak is definitely growing. While producing more, and now with two locations, Silver Oak has not forgotten the values that have served them so well since the early days of the 1970s. In there 40 plus year history, Silver Oak has had only three wine makers, a true testament to their longevity, commitment and family feeling of the winery.

Two distinct Cabernets are offered by Silver Oak, the original Napa Valley cab, and now the Alexander Valley produced cabernet. Silver Oak holds back each harvest and does not release any wine until it is ready to drink. Currently, the 2012 vintage of both production areas is in new release, and this year can be successfully stored through 2037 under proper cellaring. The Napa Valley is known for its undertones of sandlewood and nutmeg flavors due to the American oak casks in which the wine is stored. This full bodied red is the perfect accompaniment of rich and delicious foods, and can help to make any meal a true celebration. The Alexander Valley wine is also full bodied and may be successfully stored through 2034. This cab features a delightful hint of an orange zest, rich black currant, and fresh raspberry.

Silver Oak Cabernet is known for its unique taste due to oaking in American oak casks. This creates some notable undertones that make Silver Oak cabs so enjoyable. These wines also provide dusty and integrated tannins as well as a remarkably refreshing acidity. California producers experienced an exceptional growing season in 2012, a fact that is borne out by the full, complex flavor of both the Napa Valley and Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignons. From 2015 onwards, Silver Oak has produced their own barrels, having acquired a cooperage located in Missouri, and now fondly named The Oak Cooperage. This acquisition is another reflection of the commitment of Silver Oak to produce top rated domestic Cabernet Sauvignon.

These reds stand up well to very rich foods, and complement proteins, salads, and high umami foods. Whether you are marking a special occasion or life milestone, great food and wine will add to the specialness of the occasion. If you are looking for a robust red to complement your next special meal, look to Silver Oak, you will not be disappointed in this full bodied red that pairs very well with foods of every type. Silver Oak Cabernets offer some of the best tasting experiences and will continue to delight even the pickiest palatesĀ for decades to come.