Image result for shoes for womenWe are sure it is the same for you, you are still in the mountains, perhaps at the beach, maybe you are just returning from your holidays, however, you are probably still happily in your sandals. Regardless of that, your mind is probably thinking about winter, more specifically, with all the new stuff you would like to add to your closet, begging with the accessories. Are you aware of what the Fall-Winter 2016-2017 shoe trends are? If you need a summary, we have it for you: here are three designs that you have to have which you can by from Franchetti Bond

1. Victorian Booties

I am sure you remember the lace ups that the ladies from the 19th century were fond of wearing. If so that is great because they are on the must have a list for this Winter! They are extremely feminine yet spirited — picture leather ones that are smooth, kinda rock-and-roll style, thanks to their mid heel they are ideal for wearing all day, they will be your day and night go to boot.

2. Combat Boots

Laces, possible platform soles and chunky. By matching these with the right things, you will look feminine — consider pairing them with a small romantic dress, this is perfect due to the heels of the boots which can still be a bit high. Still not sure? Look over the red carpet and you will be inspired by those who have come to realise that potential behind combat boots, for example at the Met Gala, Selena Gomez wore hers.

3. Velvet Boots

If you have a tendency to feel cold, fret not, covering up this winter will be in style and it starts with your feet. On the catwalks, there were quite a few sighting of boots, from the classics to some more peculiar designs, with or even without heels and made out of all sorts of materials. If you are looking to invest in a new pair, go with the velvet ones: this coming season, one of the cool fabrics will be velvet. If you are not looking to try out high boots, there are ankle booties available that are easier to match with a nice outfit as well as to wear.