Shaquille O’Neal, more lovingly called Shaq by his fans, has carved a tall niche for himself as a NBA star of yesteryears. Though he has retired from the court, his fans are still smitten by his towering personality, gigantic physique and impressive height. Here, we take a quick look at his big persona and why he continues to enthrall young and old fans alike.

Shaquille O’Neal played college basketball for the Louisiana State University; he was trained by Coach Dale Brown.  He first came into the limelight when his impressive play and stature caught the attention of NBA. Very soon, he got drafted by Orlando Magic as their first pick for the 1992 NBA draft. Always well trimmed and athletic to the core, Shaq did not have to try too hard to start building a huge fan following that exists even to this day. Be it Shaquille O’Neal’s height or his body dimensions, he has always managed to make heads turn his way, and for many more reasons than one.

Standing 7ft1 in height, Shaq has never failed to attract attention as it is his personality that captures the eyes of one and all before anything else. Even though he is not the tallest NBA player till date, as the coveted title has been captured by Manute Bol standing at 7ft 7inch and followed by the 7ft 6in tall Yao Ming, Shaq impressive physique has always been imposing. Regardless of his tall demeanor, Shaq has always been very active and nimble on his feet. His agility and tall height has always made him stand ahead if his opponents. As Rookie of the Year in 1992/1993, Shaq had managed to increase his fan following even further. He holds a field goal percentage of as high as 58.2{6713ba23e05232a925818888182dfaeb6662fdf7c105b8bc21967aa35cf30fda} that gives him a ranking of three in all-time NBA list.

As a debutant, his weight was estimated at 230 lbs; while his body measurements had been recorded as:

  • Chest – 57 in or 145 cm
  • Arms / Biceps – 20 in or 51 cm
  • Waist – 48 in or 122 cm

Now, isn’t that impressive!

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