best barbers in NYC

Summer is coming, and it is a great occasion to change your hairstyle to prevent sweating and heating. Here you can check out the top haircuts for this summer provided by the best barbers in NYC. 

#1 Long flowing wavy hair brushed back

Totally cool and stylish haircut for guys who are lucky to have a wavy and curly mane. You will feel a cool wind airing your nape and will stay ‘rocky’ with a long hair on the top.

#2 Pompadour with a high taper fade

Classic hairstyle among men all over the world. This simple and stylish haircut is suitable for guys with any shape of a head, it will look cooler if you style it with a little amount of a hair pomade.

#3 Undercut with a top knot

For guys who don’t afraid to look extraordinary and unique. This haircut suits for men who do sports every day, there is no special tips for caring such hairstyle – just don’t forget to take as many hair ties as you can (they always get lost somewhere).

#4 Fade with messy hair and brush up

A truly ‘Matt Damon’ style. This haircut suits for guys who like to look stylish and simple at the same time, just don’t forget that you will need to use a hair spray for styling.

#5 Buzz cut with skin fade and beard

Brutal and ‘rocky’ hairstyle for guys who don’t like to shave. The greatest thing that you really don’t need any special tools to style your mane. Trim all hair and grow up a beard! That’s all you need.

#6 Short sides with a messy wavy crew cut

For men with wavy and thick hair. Simple and so cute at the same time, your granny will like it for 100{6713ba23e05232a925818888182dfaeb6662fdf7c105b8bc21967aa35cf30fda}.

#7 High fade with French crop

For modern guys who like to look ‘young, wild and free’. You can also try to ‘play’ with a texture by adding lighter colors. Make a light gradient from the top to the back.

Stay simple and cool with any of these haircuts and remember: be just the way you are with any style.