China’s e-commerce industry has been the biggest in the world since 2015. The country has earned almost $50 billion that year and has continuously expanded since then. The success in their e-commerce has been due to the big population and consumers present in China. More importantly, the range of the brands and products available in the online platforms has been expanding as well with the growth of all the aspects of this industry.

Certain products from the US have started selling in China through the biggest web online shopping platform that is Alibaba. It has given millions of revenues to its sellers across the globe. Just being able to come through the Chinese market gives a good amount of sales since a product becomes visible and consumers are attracted. Alibaba also allows importing products from its sellers and the US accounts for number two for sending products to the Chinese. The marketplace includes wide ranges of items from apparel, gadgets, and food among others. Though there are issues when it comes to the quality of Chinese products, the online platform has made sure that the products are safe with proper labeling and manufacturing details.

China has initiated an invitation to the US to be of helping hand. Through their e-commerce industry, China wanted to extend their help to save American businesses most especially those that are classified as small and medium enterprises. Selling products in China’s online platform is their solution to keep the small businesses to remain functional. Also, China added that this creates employment opportunities most especially when more businesses make their products available to the online market.

This is China’s way of reinventing what the US sees them in terms of producing quality products. China wants to change the common impression about how the country interacts with business. The arrangement would compose of China being the strategic market while the US continues to sell their products. This maximizes the presence of the strong market in China for the expansion and retention of American businesses.

However, certain issues are still needed to be improved such as copyrights and handling trademarks. The assurance of the preservation of American businesses would have to be tackled for the initiative to attract potential foreign sellers. There can be uncertainties when it comes to the potential of having revenues from the Chinese marketplace. Although some of the American companies have ventured into Alibaba, others will still have some convincing to be done.

The US and China have long been related to each other when it comes to businesses. During the Sino-Japanese War, some Americans became victims of the Rape of Nanking. These were innocent civilians in China who were just in the country to do business. Since then, the two have been having trade deals and today, these nations are the most powerful in the world. Each has continuously worked on strategies to keep their economy strong while providing opportunities for growth and development to specific industries.

For the American small businesses, there are a lot of factors to be considered in pushing their products in the Chinese marketplace. It is quite a risk for these establishments since there are no promises that their products would be a good hit in the market. Also, the owners are worried for the safety of their reputation including ensuring their product’s quality. On the other hand, Alibaba is confident that the Chinese market is more into small businesses and merchants who provide independent products.

Also, the platform has marketing strategies to make sure that the product listings are visible its web page. Alibaba has been a one stop online shop in China and this invitation to the US looks promising. It is a matter of convincing the American businesses of the available potential and informing that being on an online marketplace is an opportunity.