Ride-On toys come in wide range of option – from classic rocking horses and motorized vehicles to bicycles, tricycles and scooters. It provides a number of benefits, making it a good buy.

However, unlike buying a typical doll house, play sets and puzzles, buying ride-on toys require careful selection. Several factors need to be considered including skills, age range, safety and more. Apart from that, the product needs to be made using quality and safe materials. At Tiny Tiny Shop Shop, you can find ride on toys with excellent features for kids of all ages.

 Buying and Safety Tips

Take note of the following tips when looking for a ride-on vehicle.

  1. Safety.Safety.Safety!Ride-on toys, regardless of its type and size, pose the risk of falling, tipping, or colliding with objects or obstacles. To minimize those risk, check out the toy’s safety features. Bikes need to have hand brakes or back-pedal brakes. If the toy is motorized, the battery should not be accessible by children. Also, when the child is ready to try the toy, do not forget the protective gear.
  2. The child should be able to balance. Before buying a ride-on toy, test whether the child is able to play or operate it without losing balance or tipping over. Wheels or rockers should be placed wide enough from each other to offer stability and support the kid’s weight.
  3. Look for the right size. Make certain that the feet of the rider can comfortably reach the pedal or floor in self-propelled ride-on toy. In battery powered vehicles, on the other hand, the rider’s knees needs to be clear of steering wheels.
  4. Manual Pedaling or Battery-Powered?

If the kid has not yet mastered the needed coordination skill, self-propelled toys won’t be a good choice. Motorized vehicles may be better but a kid needs a close supervision to avoid overturning on rough terrain or running into an obstacle.

  1. Choose according to the child’s age, skills, and interest. Children who love riding on motorized jeep are likely to have no fun riding self-propelled vehicles. Figuring out the interest of the child, the appropriate toys for their age, and the level of their skill will be a big help in searching for the right ride-on toy.
  2. Classic Ride-ons can also be fun. The ride-on does not have to be trendy or complex to be fun or entertaining. Getting rides on rocking horse, bicycles and tricycles always offer loads of fun.

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Tiny Tiny Shop Shop understand the importance of assuring excellent quality and craftsmanship of each toy so to guarantee that children will enjoy the toys without getting into trouble while parents can get the best value for their money. Parents can have confident buying the shop’s products.

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