Top 3 gorgeous hairstyles for your day

No matter whether you are seventeen, twenty five or thirty, birthday is a wonderful feast you shouldn’t ignore. You become older every single year, so it is extremely important to look charming and beautiful on a birthday party. Some girls do crazy, creating special look for the party, but sometimes elegant hairstyle is all you need to look stunning. Our professionals at fashion hair salon gathered three simple but sophisticated hairstyles every girl can make at home and look gorgeous on her party. None of them require special skills or professional styling products, just a little bit of inspiration is all you need.

Soft Top Knot

 Look # 1 Voluminous Ponytail

We all got used to think that ponytail should be sleek and tight. However, boosted, voluminous tail with lots of va-va-voom also looks amazing. Side bangs will add a unique elegance and charm to this typical and overworked tail. Use a sea salt spray to create a proper structure and fix it all with tons of mousse.

Look # 2 Old Hollywood Curls

Retro waves are back in trend again. Old Hollywood curls are quite difficult to achieve, but here is a professional tip for you. Work with a dab of mousse on your wet hair, instead of making it what it is completely dry. The result will amaze you and change the whole understanding of hairstyling routine for you. No more crunchy locks and plastic hair.

Look # 3 Soft Top Knot

Knot is absolutely universal hairstyle any girl can wear for any purposes. We make it every single morning to take intrusive strands away from our face, and go for mesmerizing soft top knot for a big party. Isn’t it marvelous?  Sea salt spray is your best friend in creating similar look. Mist your slightly wet hair before blow drying it and then start to gather your hair. Matte pomade is also a must for perfectly polished look.

Choose one of magnificent hairstyles, described above, and shine like a star on your big day. Being beautiful is a pure art, and we, girls, should master it perfectly in order to look attractive every single day.