hotel collection towels

Bed and breakfasts are known for paying attention to those little details that make a guest’s stay extra special. Wrapping up in a soft, thick towel after a warm bath is just one of life’s moments that make everything in the world feel right. Yet, it does take some work behind the scenes to create that sought after spa experience for your guests. As you assess your current hospitality plan, use these tips to transform your bath areas into relaxing oases.

Choose Quality Towels

Thick towels keep your guests warm as they step out of the bath, so choose hotel collection towels that will soak up water while being soft against your guests’ skin. High quality towels will also stand up to frequent washing, and extra absorbent towels can reduce your laundry load without leaving your guests dripping water on the floor.

Focus on Presentation

Depending upon your room layouts, you can have some fun with your hotel collection towels. Impress your guests by folding them into a signature design such as a swan or triangle. It is also important to ensure that your guests have plenty of towels on hand since calling for service during a bath ruins the relaxing atmosphere. Therefore, hang a few on the towel racks, and include a stack of extra towels on the counter or bedroom shelves.

Practice Proper Care

Laundering your towels makes a big difference in how they feel to your guests. Always prewash new towels before setting them out in the rooms to remove any stiffener that may still linger in the fibers. Fabric softeners may leave a lovely scent, but they will leave residue on the fibers that stiffens the pile and makes them rough. Instead of using fabric softener, periodically add in a cup of vinegar to help improve absorbency.

Provide a Variety of Sizes

Towels come in a variety of sizes that each has a specific purpose. Provide your guests with hand towels and washcloths that match your hotel collection bath towels so that everything fits the theme. To truly pamper your guests, consider including several bath sheets in the room, which are larger than your standard towels.

Add a Special Surprise

Quality towels leave a lasting impression on every guest, but your commitment to pampering your guests should begin before they ever set foot in the tub. Prepare a basket of toiletries such as miniature soaps and shampoo bottles in luscious scents. Your guests will notice the warm welcome, and they will appreciate having a new product to try during their beauty routine.

One of the perks of owning a bed and breakfast is being able to see the relaxation take hold of your guests upon their arrival. While you may be known for your delicious morning spreads, it is also important to ensure your guests have everything they need before they go down for the night. Creating a relaxing bathroom space truly does make every guest feel like a king or queen during their overnight stay.