For some people a trip to the local dollar store is the first stop when doing their shopping. Dollar Stores in the United States of America are growing faster than any other retail industry. This trend is really interesting and also conflicting because of the mass exodus that is happening with most retail businesses, basically most of them are focusing more online. However the Dollar Store industry is very different from other retail industries because of the lower price points, which is one of the reasons there’s not a lot of Online Dollar Stores, the other reason being online businesses nowadays either absorb most or all of the shipping and handling cost that are not a problem offline, basically the local Dollar Store doesn’t have to concern themselves with the customer’s gas or transportation cost to get to their location.

Check out these Online Dollar Stores ranked by Pros, and Cons:

1. is the only Online Dollar Store that is exclusively online and sells everything for only $1.00 each. They’re owned and operated by Dollar Fanatic, which is what they are mostly known for, but recently went through a rebranding.

Pros: They have some amazing deals that are not normally found in local one dollar stores. Also they offer the popular sale Buy 10 items for $10 and get the 11th item Free.

Cons: They need more selection, they say they offer 200 to 500 items priced at $1.00 each at a time which is ok, but that’s nothing compared to the bigger offline dollar stores.


Dollar Tree is the leader of the Dollar Store world period! The only reason they are ranked number 2 is because they’re not really an Online Dollar Store, their online business seems to be more of a compliment to their super popular Offline Dollar Store chain.

Pros: They are the biggest and have the most selection of products by far.

Cons: They sell by the case Online, so you can’t buy one of this, and one of that. Also they seem to offer most of their cheaper non branded stuff online.


Hollar is the newest and probably coolest Online Dollar Store. Most of the products they offer are from $1.00 to $10.00 and have a nice growing selection.

Pros: They are growing at a fast pace, so who knows what’s coming. They have very good prices, even though they do not sell everything $1.00 each like 11for10 or Dollar Tree. They have a very good selection of products that are still a good deal.

Cons: They’re not an online everything $1.00 store. They also have third party sellers which can get a bit confusing at times.


Miss A is another everything $1.00 store, however they specialize only in beauty cosmetics related products. If you’re into makeup, cosmetics, hair accessories, this is a must check out.

Pros: The best selection of beauty related products priced at only $1.00 each that I’ve ever seen either online or offline.

Cons: They’re a niche which is just a fragment of the Dollar Store industry. So even though they may have the best selection of cosmetics for $1.00 online, many of the other players have some of that selection, and you can buy other stuff at the same time.


Dollar General is the old faithful of the group. They’ve started to venture in the Online arena more recently and can’t be slept on. They’ve been around for a long time so based on their offline track record they may become a serious player online in the near future.

Pros: You can usually count on the old experts of any major industry. They offer mostly name brand products online and digital coupons which is always a plus.

Cons: They’re not an online everything $1.00 store. Their online inventory doesn’t seem to be comparable to other long time players like Dollar Tree.