I have been hearing a smart drug known as Modafinil over and over again from past few years but I never gave it that much importance knowing it must be just another drug and I was so wrong.

Modalert which is the brand name for a chemical component called Modafinil is a drug which was discovered the 1970s in France while the development and experimentation of Adrafinil. Modalert is nootropic which is used in the treatment of sleeping disorder like narcolepsy, sleep apnea, and SWD-shift work disorder. It got approved by the US FDA in 1998 for the treatment of narcolepsy and then in 2003 for sleep apnea and other sleeping disorder. Though it was used for people suffering from sleeping disorders, individuals like me took it for other purposes.

Modalert 200 is used more by people for reason other than sleeping disorder. When I was in my last year of medical college I was not able to concrete on my studies as I used to have a job from which I was paying my rent and the tuition fee to get my Ph.D. As important my job was, equally, my studies were important as it was the reason I was doing a job. We have a vast portion which we have to study; Modafinil has been mentioned many a time in our textbook but I have never given it such importance as there is thousand more medication which is mentioned in it. I heard about Modalert from my roommate that many students are using it on our campus and I was very curious about what result they have found. I tried finding what people have to say about it but people were not very open about so I turned towards the internet for help. After reading so many positive reviews on it I wanted to give it a try so I ordered it online from a very popular pharmacy and they experience I had was worth it.

After my product was delivered to me, according to the instruction you have to take it before one hour of any activity you are preparing for. I usually go to attend my lectures at 8 in the morning so I took Modalert 200mg at 7 sharp. As I was expecting it didn’t work like that, I was excepting a burst of energy as soon as I take it but it didn’t work like that. Modalert after taking builds up slowly and helps you gain a level of stability. It is said that there were some cases where they found that Modalert has helped people to improve their mood. It is somewhat very true that Modalert makes you feel good because of its quality to enhance your concentration and motivation. When you feel motivated which results in confidence helps you do your work at the point you are not usually used to doing. I experienced a mild headache and nausea as it was listed as the side effects for Modalert.

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