Giving your doors a fresh coat of paint is an inexpensive way to update your home’s curb appeal any time of the year. We’ll show you how to do it in six easy steps. Grab your paint supplies from your paint store Addison, IL, and let’s get to it!

1. Prepare your ‘canvas.’

While it’s tempting to paint the door upright, lay it flat first to get the best coverage. If it’s an exterior door, start early in the day to reattach it before nightfall. Remove all hardware before you paint and rest the door on a sawhorse. A pro tip: attach two lag bolts at the top and one at the bottom so you can flip it and finish both sides in one day.

2. Use the right tools.

Good tools make a big difference in a professional look. Get a good quality set of brushes, foam sponges, and mini high-density foam rollers from your paint store Addison, IL. Find out what kind of paint your door already has. You’ll want to stick to the same formula base.

3. Clean the door.

Dirt on a door shows through new paint, and years of paint buildup can make the door not operate efficiently. Clean it first with a sponge or tack cloth and scrape off old paint. If your home was build in 1979 or earlier, check for lead in the old paint first. For wood, use a stainless steel scraper, but if it’s metal, sandpaper is much gentler. If it’s fiberglass, don’t use anything abrasive. Chemical strippers are your best bet.

4. Address all imperfections.

Once the door is clean, fill up any holes, gaps, and cracks to create an even surface. Prime the entire door first, and sand off any bubbles and ridges when dry before you paint.

5. It’s in the technique.

When you paint, it counts to paint in the correct order for a flawless look. Work from the inside out, painting the bevels first, then the panels, center stiles, rails, and finally the outside stiles. For an even smoother look, sand the dried paint between coatings while the door is on the sawhorse.

6. Incorporate pro tricks for longevity.

Once the painting is done, wait at least two days before reinstalling an interior door. If it’s an exterior door, though, you’ll want it back on in the same day for security reasons. Apply painter’s tape to the weather stripping and trim to protect your door from sticking when you close it.

And that’s it! With these simple steps and quality supplies from your paint store Addison, IL, your doors can look professional the easy way.