There’s nothing I enjoy more than those weekends when my husband and I take the kids out to our cabin in the mountains. We spend the days with the kids making bird feeders and watching them play.

My husband gets to vent the week’s frustrations by chopping wood and playing with the chainsaw. I get to make homemade meals and after dinner we always start a fire in the wood stove. I think my favorite time though, has to be winding down from the day with a bath. Not a shower, but a good long, hot soak in our clawfoot tub.

 And I have the best towels. Instead of feeling disappointed that bath time is over, when I get out of the tub I feel embraced. The smell of sandalwood candles and the fluffy, soft rustic towels let me drift off to la-la land. Then I get to wake up and do it all over again! My towels add the perfect pop to my sanctuary- the bathroom. They go so well with the wooden paneling and wrought iron accents. I’m a huge fan of that simple country look; the whole atmosphere really helps me unwind from the busy work week. I love being a working mom, but sometimes family time can fall by the wayside.

Trips to the mountains help me feel like we aren’t drifting apart. It’s like I’m a whole person again, not just a sleep deprived mom-machine. And they’re so soft! I’ve had them for ages and they never seem to lose that youthful, fluffy new-towel feel. It’s incredible they hold up so well to an active family. My kids keep stealing them to use as blankets and make forts! I really can’t hold it against them though; we’ve got some that look like barn wood and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so cute as the mini-log cabins they build.

They stay up later than they should, playing like they have horses stabled in there. I even ordered another set of rustic towels for our place in the city, to remind me of our wonderful trips to the woods. This time I decided to place them in the kitchen. They’re my new favorite, and I’ve started modeling the whole room around their theme.

 I’ve realized that by simplifying and toning down I can hone in on the natural beauty of the world. With the rustic towels hanging casually near the sink I can now focus on wood grains, glass and a few bright colors to set everything off. We haven’t been able to head out to our cabin as much as we’d like lately, but when we come home to that warm, welcoming environment then the stress of the day just melts away.