The big RC Quadcopter surely looks stunning but the compact and mini quadcopter is really amazing. It’s compact and amazing thing about it is that it’s a size that will come in a palm. For the lovers of RC Toys, this mini-drone is a must have as it has its own relative features which makes it more special. It is smaller in size but the joy of flying it becomes more both in day and night. From children to adults this JJRC H20 is worth buying.

The interesting features of this amazing mini quadcopter

  • 6 Axis Stable Inner Gyro: This Multicopter certainly looks small but it’s really not hard to maintain its stability. The 6 Axis Gyro feature will certainly make it sure that the mini copter is stable it air and a person does not have to be a pro to fly it.
  • Trendy remote control: The controller is really good and also has all the excellent controlling features that anyone wants on their drones. The headless controls are effective having an amazing range for long distance flying. All the keys in the controller are placed effectively and do not take many times to understand it.
  • Night fly with LED: Most of the drones are limited to the day time flying but with this drone the concept is different. There are LED lights placed which helps to locate the drone in the dark nights. With the Led Lights it becomes easier to check in which area the drone has to be sent.
  • One button return: In whatever direction this drone is going and with just a push of a button the drone will come back. It’s one of the handiest safety features which will help to make the drone to fly back to the one having the controller.
  • 360-degree Stunt: The drone is not just capable of flying but it can do some really stuns. The 360-degree eversion is the best thing this mini copter can perform. It’s just up to the imagination of the user to perform the stunts that they want. There are many stunts which will amaze the user and the viewers of this magnificent drone.
  • 4 channel: It has four channel axis and with this one can roll it 360 degrees, left and right sideways, backward and forward, with also increasing and decreasing the height in the air.

Note-: Before using this drone make sure to read the instructions carefully. Check the package nicely and don’t shake it much before using this mini drone. Make sure not to charge it more than it’s needed, as this will damage the minicopter.