How Detox Drinks Can Help to Pass a Drug Test

Passing drug tests is not a piece of cake, and you will have to fight to do it and change your lifestyle as well.

We all know that drug testings are not perfect and some tests are more accessible to cheat and beat than others. Therefore, we can conclude that each drug test features unique weaknesses and strengths.

You will be able to learn more about this if you apply appropriate strategies that will help you maximize the chances of passing a drug test. But have in mind that even when having a perfect approach, things can still go wrong. Everything depends on whether you follow your strategy correctly. You can easily pass a drug test with a detox drink, but the question is which one is the best for your specific needs.

You should know that everything will be in your control, but you won’t be able to control everything, so your reactions and factors could mean a difference between failing and passing.

Are Drug Tests Violating The Law?

When it comes to federal laws, you should have in mind that the employer has the legal rights to conduct a drug test for both new applicants and employees. Apart from that, you should understand that most individual states feature their laws that can vary from place to place.

For instance, in some areas employer can test an employee or a new applicant for the presence of drugs but only in a professional setting and with previous notice.

According to the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (check here to visit their official website), employers cannot use non-pertinent information to discriminate employees and their employment and hiring process. Since drug tests are samples that come from a person’s body that contains genetic information that could reveal other things such as disabilities everything is entirely confidential.

Your Privacy Rights

Some states have issues decision that could affect employee rights and job applicant rights when an employer decides to conduct drug testing. Have in mind that drug tests tend to explore a person’s intoxication, while some of them tend to be invasive and results won’t show the current drug use but the past drug abuse.

On the other hand, some states think of it as a violation of the right to privacy of applicants and employees. Therefore, you should conduct an investigation and research and talk with your lawyer to see what are your rights before you decide to undergo drug screening.

What Are Detox Drinks?

We all know that detox drinks function by boosting the THC metabolites out of your system. They feature substances that will help you deal with harmful toxins, and most of them feature fat burning properties, that are a great addition to exercise for cleansing your body thoroughly.

  • Lemon Juice – This is the general detox drink that we tend to use to treat cold and add vitamin C to our diet. Most fitness preachers and health gurus are explaining the effectiveness of shifting toxins and cleansing the body. They are unsure whether lemon is a great detoxification drink, but due to citrus nutrients, you will get a wide array of vitamins with it. At the same time, it is useful if you wish to flush out THC metabolites. We recommend you to combine a tablespoon of lemon with water and drink it throughout a day.
  • Water, Water, Water – If you cannot withstand lemon juice, you can rest assured, because plain water is efficient enough to help you flush out cannabinoids out of your system as well as other harmful toxins and substances. Therefore, if you have to prepare for the drug test, it is important to consume as much water as you can, but do not overdo it because intoxication can lead to fatality. If you drink hours before the test, that could lead to diluted urine, which is the form of cheating and you can fail the test due to that.
  • Coffee – This is the regular beverage we consume, and it is great because it features effects that will boost your metabolism, increase fat burning so that you can cleanse yourself out of drugs and THC. That is a great way to consume natural diuretic that will help you remove excess water out of your system.

The Proper Procedure For A Drug Test

Have in mind that employer testing has to pass specific regulations so that it can be relevant. Therefore, you should always raise questions on proper procedure and whether the sample was handled the way it should be.

Some states will allow an employer to conduct a drug test only after providing a job offer to an applicant, and passing it is the condition for getting hired. In Utah, for instance, applicants can get tested only if employer management proves themselves as well.

Learn more on pre-employment drug screenings on this link:

When Is The Drug Test Allowed?

When Is The Drug Test Allowed?

  • Pre-Employment – We have mentioned above that testing of a job applicant is the most popular reason for drug test especially by private employers. You should also learn that courts have allowed this particular testing and employers have the right to seek drug-free employee.
  • Reasonable Suspicion – It is allowed to conduct a drug test when the employer has reasonable suspicion that his employee is doing drugs. However, what constitutes reasonable doubt depends on the court, and the most common reasons are physical symptoms such as erratic behavior or report from a reliable source.
  • Random Testing – Even though random testing has numerous critiques because it violates employee privacy rights, some states have forbidden it, while many courts think that random testing in specific and sensitive workplaces are vital and essential.
  • Post Accident – This is the usual drug screen reason especially if the employee wants to get worker compensation due to some accident that happened before. If you get a positive test after the crash, the court will presume that you conducted it due to intoxication.