One of the factors that will affect the quality and price of an asphalt paving project is your choice of a contractor. Sometimes, choosing the lowest bid may not be the best choice. While the lowest bid can help you to save on upfront costs, the contractor may not have the capacity to carry out a top quality job. As such, before choosing a contractor from the different Houston asphalt contractors available, there are several factors to consider.

Material selection

Most asphalt material is recycled several times. Depending on the quantity of recycled material, you will find different grades of asphalt on the market. Using high-quality asphalt will enable you to achieve an asphalt pavement that looks great and lasts for long. With this in mind, you should always request asphalt of the highest grade you can afford.

Insurance coverage

Most contractors will get insurance coverage that only meets the minimum requirements as stated by state laws. This means that if an accident happens when the contractor or their employees are on your property, you may not be as protected as you may want. To ensure that the insurance covers a broad range of issues, your contractor should have auto liability, general liability, workers compensation as well as Umbrella policy.

Sufficient crew

5-8 workers can carry out an asphalt project efficiently. If your chosen contractor doesn’t have sufficient crew, your project may delay increasing the costs of the project. At the same time, contractors who do not have enough employees can resort to sub-contracting, a move that may affect your project completion time. Before choosing an asphalt contractor in Houston, it is important to carry out a background check.

Type of equipment

A good asphalt contractor should not only have the right equipment for the job but should also ensure that the equipment is properly maintained. When machines break down frequently, this will have a direct impact on the period it takes to complete your project. Similarly, since asphalt cools quickly, waiting for too long before the material is installed is bound to affect the quality and appearance of the finished pavement.

Down payment

Most contractors have lines of credit from suppliers of materials. As such, unless you are carrying out a big project, you should not make deposits with the contractor before the job is completed. Some unscrupulous contractors may end up misusing such monies.

In the long run, you get what you pay for. When looking to carry out an asphalt project, you should adopt a long-term view. As such, choosing the best Houston asphalt contractors will be a necessary step.