Did you know that you may have to refer to the military time in some countries, situations, locations, and for some official purposes? There are many offices and places, where only the military time is used for normal time referral. Nobody uses the 12 hours time format in such places. You my not be aware of the differences between the two-time formats. The military time format uses a 24 hours time format, where starting from 1 am, in the morning till 12 am in the midnight, the time is noted as 0100 to 2400. But in the case of the normal 12 hours time format, time is referred to as 1 am to 12 pm from morning to noon, and then again 1 pm to 12 am from afternoon to night.

Why use the military time format?

This military format is used in special official cases. It has two advantages. First is that due to avoiding of the am and pm from the time format, it looks more specific and chances of errors are minimized. The chances of noting 2 pm as 2 am by mistake are nullified as you would rather write 2 am as 0200, and 2 pm as 1400. This clears a lot of confusion which could have had aroused if time was not noted carefully.

The next advantage of this format is that it eliminates the need to write the 2 extra alphabets besides the time. His makes the outcome to a totally numeric entity, and not an alphanumeric one. It gets easy for data entry in numerical segments in computers etc. Therefore systems may accept the time values in the military format easily with minimized chances of human errors, and mix of alphanumeric data.

Where to get the military format

The time in military format will easy to tell if you are accustomed to this. Else you would need a conversion chart to instantly convert the time from the standard 12 hours format to this one. To facilitate this, many military time chart types are made available. You may download the military time chart online. If you are using a computer you can work with any kind of file. A document, excel etc will be sufficient. In case you are using a mobile device, an image format will be a better option for you to easily find the right time by zooming in and out of the image, instead of scrolling through lines and charts. Whatever style you need you would get one easily online.