It is quite well documented that a large section of celebrities from every field have at some time or the other experimented with psychedelics. The general conception is that magic mushrooms are not good for you. General consensus does not support the juxtaposition that success is the outcome of psychedelic use.

But, celebrities are often effusive about the positive effect that psychedelics have had on them. The use of magic mushrooms has been known to bring about profound changes in the human psyche which are long lasting. Users have been known to experience spiritual awakenings and epiphanies. The creativity and aesthetic bent of mind get pronounced and the appreciation and creation of art and music shatter many known boundaries.

Creative artists who got inspiration from psychedelics

The pursuit of creativity and artistic endeavor has often been aided by the use of psychedelics.

  • The legendary actor Jack Nicholson was quite open about the life-changing experience he had with psychedelics. He claimed to have a profound spiritual awakening during his first trip when he believes he saw the face of God. He got inspired by psychedelic trips when he wrote his prize-winning scripts.
  • Angelina Jolie has also been candid about experimenting with psychedelics at one point in her life. She used the drug sparingly but surely.
  • The quintessential classic hero Cary Grant was a strong advocate of psychedelic drugs and their mind-altering properties. The hugely popular star was open about the inner peace that psychedelics brought him after he failed to find peace with Yoga, Hypnotism, and other spiritual avenues.
  • The south park creators Trey parker and matt Stone are known to have dressed notoriously for the red carpet while tripping on psychedelic substances. Their penchant for drawing attention to themselves was brought to public notice as they felt that they had mental freedom while using these substances. They believed that their inhibitions were mitigated by the use and could fulfill their creative aspirations.
  • Shia Labeouf took the acting fraternity by storm with realistic and strong performances in the Necessary Death of Charlie Countryman. The brilliant performance was enacted under the influence of psychedelics which is known to enhance emotions and creativity.

The 1950’s and 60’s were kind to users as there was easy availability of the drug. In recent time sites like have been a life saver for the creative geniuses who use psychedelics to enhance their performance and sensitivity. So, if you or you’re loved have been researching upon the goodness of magic mushrooms, then delve deeper to get updated and apt knowledge about them before going any further.