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Roofs make up the largest part of any building. Generally, a roof will last 10-15 years, regardless of the material. But sometimes, the condition might deteriorate faster because of long-term exposure to rain and snow.

However, there’s a way to protect your roof from these elements. If you use waterproofing materials, it will create a barrier between your roof, rain, and snow.

To waterproof your roof, you should contact Livonia Michigan roofers. They have great expertise in this kind of work.

What materials are used for roof waterproofing?

When it comes to protecting your roof, you should use the best waterproofing materials. Some of the widely used waterproofing materials are:

  1. Bitumen-based waterproofing materials

This includes SBS bituminous waterproofing membrane or APP-modified bituminous waterproofing membrane. These materials are very popular for roof insulation. Many homeowners rely on these materials because of their ease of use, performance, and price. This type of material is available in different models and thicknesses according to the application area. To make it look aesthetically appealing, the upper surfaces are usually made of mineral stones.

  1. Polyurethane

For many homeowners, polyurethane is the best waterproofing material. It offers a seamless waterproofing membrane that makes a huge difference in your roof protection. One thing should be noted it hardens the concrete surface of your roof. This happens because it penetrates the surface very quickly. It is a versatile material that can be used for various applications.

  1. Cementitious coating

It is a kind of powder that consists of inorganic and organic materials along with sand and silica-based substances. When these ingredients are mixed with lime, it creates a strong waterproofing seal. Many people choose cementitious coating because it is easy to utilize. Some roofers will mix acrylic additives to make the coating more solid and durable.

  1. EPDM rubber

This is another very material that can be used for waterproofing roofs. It is a kind of synthetic rubber material made of propylene and ethylene. Besides waterproofing roofs, it is also used in vehicles. It repels water better than other materials. The good thing about EPDM rubber is that it is cheap and easily available. Plus, the material is flexible and recyclable.

By waterproofing your roof, you can keep it safe from rain and snow. It might cost you some extra money, but it is good for the longevity of your roof. Consult a professional to figure out what’s good for your roof.