When planning a major or intimate gathering, one of the first steps should be to consider working with an event furniture & decor rental service. Many people find the idea of putting together even a summer party overwhelming because of all the moving parts they’ll need — tables, chairs, warmers, tablecloths, flatware, decorations. It’s definitely a lot to organize for non-professional event planners.

You might be surprised to discover that event furniture & decor rental service are affordable and usually have everything you need to host a terrific event. As an example, let’s look at why industry insiders often rent chairs.

Chairs Matter

There are many types of professional event planners who manage a variety of gatherings that include weddings, indoor and outdoor get-togethers, concerts, graduations, retirement parties and festivals. What the planners behind these good times have in common is that they generally rent chairs.

A rental company will generally deliver and set them up in place. They also pick them pick up when it’s over. By renting, they don’t have to worry about storage, cleaning, setup, breakdown and transportation. And, neither do you.

Concert venues and dance clubs often have very limited seating. This has a lot to do with fire code capacity regulations. Standing room allows for more customers. But occasionally these businesses hold more intimate sit-down shows by simply renting tables and chairs. Live music promoters will fold the expense of the tables and chairs into the ticket price. Because rental companies make the process simple, it’s a win for concert promoters. Obviously, chairs are a primary item in event planning. But you might be surprised at the level of excellent and diverse furniture as well as décor that you can get for any event.

Décor Rules

Among the most common events are things like weddings, birthday parties and graduations. These are excellent examples for professionals and regular folks doing a single event because it’s all basically the same type of stuff. Here are some things you may be able to rent that will give your event fantastic ambiance, make it comfortable and fun.

  • Dance floor: Many rental companies provide portable, classic black and white checkered dance floors. This will literally floor your guests.
  • Ambiance: Believe it or not, rental companies stock, deliver, setup and breakdown indoor and outdoor lighting that includes chandeliers, disco balls, string lights, centerpieces and much more.
  • Outdoor Heating: Gatherings sometimes require keeping the temperature comfortable for guests into the night. Decorative outdoor heaters can be part of the décor and make everyone feel cozy.
  • Furniture: The seating at an event doesn’t have to be one-chair-fits-all. Rental companies can provide furniture that includes love seats, circular cushioned seating and a variety of items that allow you to create natural social settings throughout the space.
  • Seat Covers: One simple specialty item that can exponentially heighten the décor of your event is full bodied seat covers. They can transform a standard chair into a luxurious thing of beauty. They’re game-changers.

There’s a good reason that professionals and regular party planners alike tap into the wide range of inventory of a local event furniture & decor rental service. For a reasonable price, you can create an amazing atmosphere and have them handle much of the heavy lifting.